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Royalton Ravine Park: The Only Way To Celebrate Independence Day

Posted by Jessica Keeton at 7/06/2014 06:11:00 PM 6 comments Links to this post
The first post I ever wrote on my blog was about the amazing fireworks display that the town of Royalton put on at Royalton Ravine Park. Now here we are, a year later, and though I have many posts ready to be published, I can't help but stop and take a moment to share what an amazing job this town does at celebrating Independence Day. 
Royalton Ravine Park has become our go-to destination when it comes to celebrating July 4th. There's more than enough room to accommodate everyone who's looking for non-stop entertainment, and for those who are just looking to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, well, as you can see above, there's plenty of beautiful scenery to take in while you're waiting. 

Parking is great, and a quick five minute walk from your car, will get you the perfect spot, nestled among prime scenery. The town of Royalton does an amazing job at providing entertainment for every age. I love that you're given two choices for area seating: stay up front where the action is, with food, drinks, live music and more or opt for a quieter area in the back, where you're treated to a pond, kids entertainment, and front row seats to the fireworks. 

From the second we arrived, the kids had a blast, and with so many kids activities, we didn't have to worry about those two words parents fear, "I'm Bored!"

Whether it's new this year or I just didn't notice it last year, the town of Royalton gets five stars for providing a kids movie. It not only kept their attention, but also had perfect timing, ending 20 minutes before the fireworks started. It was just enough time for us to walk back to our seats, get situated, and to get ready for what was to be an amazing show.

Plus, they ran the hilarious kids movie, "The Nut Job," which I knew my kids loved. 

sky lanterns

Just as we were walking back to our seats, we were lucky enough to start seeing all the sky lanterns heading up. We had so much fun sending two lanterns up last year, but were the spectators this year. It's always a beautiful sight to see, as different colored lanterns light up the night sky. 

The time had arrived and as the American Flag was lit up, so was the sky with the start of one of the best firework shows around. Each year, I take pictures and film, because the show is just that good. I try to make a few short videos and wanted to make sure I could show off what an amazing job the town or Royalton did once again. The problem is, trying to time the grand finale of the firework show is not easy when the entire show feels like it's the grand finale. 

I've been celebrating July 4th for close to 30 years and have been to many locations for fireworks, but not one of those can compare to what Royalton does. Impressive? It's more than that. Royalton's 2014 July 4th celebration was by far the best. 

There was one firework that I'm 100% sure was brand new this year. Of course I have no photos or video when my new favorite firework went off, as I was switching from camera to video . As it was shot off, it spiraled, going in circles and was one of the coolest fireworks I've ever seen. I know, it's maybe not the best description, but those are the best words I can use to describe how magnificent this firework was. I'm crossing my fingers they bring it back next year, and much more of it. 

The show went on for what seemed like forever, and that's why I love going to Royalton. Other places, will have you spending hours waiting to see a fireworks show that lasts maybe twenty minutes, but the town of Royalton knows better than to waste your time. When they put on a show, they put their all into it, giving everyone a display of fireworks, that you just won't find anywhere else. 

Royalton Ravine Park is the place to be for family-friendly entertainment, and a beautiful fireworks display that will have you coming back year after year. Though I'd love to keep this amazing place a secret, it's just too good to keep to myself and deserves to be talked about and shared with anyone and everyone who doesn't know about it. 

 A huge Thank You goes out to the Town of Royalton, fire department, law enforcement, volunteers, bands, food vendors and everyone else who helped make this Independence Day a memory we'll never forget. 

Feel free to check out a small taste of what you can expect from the Town of Royalton. Below is a video of the July 4th Fireworks Grand Finale at Royalton Ravine Park in the Town of Royalton!

Did you visit Royalton Ravine Park for July 4th? Tell us how the Town of Royalton made your Independence Day one to remember at Royalton Ravine Park!!!


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