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Jewelry In Candles Reveal and Review

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 4/06/2014 08:45:00 PM
While I've been focusing on small businesses for the "Pay It Forward" series, I wanted to make sure I didn't leave out the reps who work hard for businesses. Jewelry In Candles is a company that most candle and wax fans know about, so it's time to showcase a rep that works hard for the ever popular and growing company!

What is Jewelry In Candles?
Jewelry In Candles offers scented candles and wax tarts that hide the surprise gift of luxury jewelry inside each and every product you purchase. What makes this company different from the rest? How many times have you bought a jewelry candle or jewelry wax tart and discovered a beautiful piece of jewelry, only to discover it doesn't fit? You don't have to worry about that with Jewelry In Candles. Not only can you pick your ring size from 6 - 9, but you can also decide what type of jewelry you'd like from a beautiful rings, necklaces and earrings! Plus, these are the ultimate gift to give someone, whether it's a holiday or you just want to make them smile.

What do Jewelry In Candles' Reps Do? 
Let me start off by saying these are some of the hardest-working reps I've ever met! Sometimes when you think of reps, you think of those tupperware or expensive jewelry parties you're forced to go to because your sister's cousin's ex-best friend invited you! Fortunately, you won't get forced into buying something you'll never use with these reps. I've met and talked to close to 15 reps and they are all very knowledgeable, supportive, helpful and never pushy! These are the fun reps that you wish you could meet all the time! Whether it's through games, giveaways, deals, great sales, or just a plain old great attitude, you know you're always going to have a good time when you meet one. Without further ado, let me introduce you to my Jewelry In Candles Rep!

My Jewelry In Candles Rep Sheila Bourland!
I cannot say enough about my Jewelry In Candles Rep Sheila Bourland. She went way above and beyond what a rep is supposed to do, all because she cares. Being my first experience with Jewelry In Candles, Sheila alone, has made me not only a fan for life, but a customer as well. She treated me as if I was her only customer the entire way through the process, even after I received my order. Seeing as this was my first time, there were so many scent choices to choose from, and let me tell you, they weren't easy decisions to make. Every scent Jewelry In Candles comes out with, just gets better and better. Narrowing down my favorite scents took a while, but Sheila stuck with me the entire time. In the end, we decided she'd surprise me with the scents and whether it was a candle or tart, which I personally loved. I loved that no matter what was going to show up at my doorstep, was going to be great no matter what! Sheila had such a great attitude and worked extremely hard. Not once was I concerned that I was just another sale. If anything, I felt like I was a good friend of hers. She was so sweet and wanted to make sure I loved everything I received. After telling her my jewelry choices and sizes, Sheila contacted me when she placed the order. She contacted me letting me know about how long it would be. She contacted me letting me know when they shipped. She contacted me right after they arrived. She also contacted me to see if I had done my jewelry reveals. If that's not outstanding customer service, I don't know what is. Normally I'd say she went the extra mile for me as a customer, but Sheila went beyond that. She went the extra 100 miles to make sure my experience was unique, entertaining, fun and more. Hands down, I was given the best customer service of my life with Jewelry In Candles.

What I Received from Jewelry In Candles!
When I opened the box from Jewelry In Candles, I was instantly shocked. On the website it says that Jewelry In Candles' Wax Tarts are much bigger than typical wax tarts, but looking at the pictures just don't do them justice. They were not kidding. What word perfectly describes the size of their wax tarts? Huge, Enormous, Gigantic..... I can keep going! Besides the size, the other great thing about Jewelry In Candles wax tarts is there's no guessing. You don't have to melt 6 wax tarts to find your jewelry. They make it easy, letting you have a mini sneak peek of the foil that holds your special luxury jewelry. This way, you can break your jewelry wax tart off, pop it in your wax warmer, and ten minutes later, you're graced with the presence of your new, perfectly-sized piece of jewelry just begging to be worn. Let's get into the scents I received!

Day At The Spa Wax Tart: Whether the kids are away at grandma's for a sleepover and you've got the house to yourself or it's a lazy Sunday, Day At The Spa from Jewelry Candles takes you to a place of serenity, relaxation, and peace, just without the massage. Not only was I impressed with the scent, but the color and size as well. On cold sniff, it was extremely strong and pulled me in with it's aromatherapy scent. Breaking off just one melt from this breakaway tart, was all it took to bring me to spa-like oasis without the high cost of going to a spa! Right at the top of my tart package, it was marked with the letter N for necklace which I loved. There was no guessing. Not only do they let you pick your jewelry, but they let you choose what type of jewelry you'd like to reveal first after you receive your tarts! Normally, I'm a silver kinda gal, but I was extremely impressed with my jewelry piece. The necklace was absolutely gorgeous and was just begging me to be worn! Overall, Day At The Spa receives a 10 out of 10 from me and I would recommend this to anyone whether they were knew to Jewelry In Candles or a seasoned veteran.

Birthday Cake Wax Tart: As a baker, you'd think I'd fall in love with all bakery-scented candles and tarts, but that's not always the case. Some are just too sweet for me, but Jewelry In Candles hit the mark on this one. This yummy scent, wasn't too strong or overpowering! In fact, it fills your home with the sweet and delicious smells of buttery, creamy and vanilla notes without the calories! My Birthday Cake wax tart, just like Day At The Spa was marked, letting me know I'd be revealing a ring! Though the ring didn't have any type of jewel on it, what I loved was that it was different from any other piece I had. Of all the other companies, this was the first jewelry piece that had more of an art-like appearance to it and less of a sparkly/showy appearance. I didn't mind. In fact, I really enjoyed it. I'm someone who really enjoys anything that's different. I've yet to reveal a piece of jewelry I don't like. Jewelry In Candles impressed me with both wax tarts and created an experience that was both unique and fun!

*Fun Tip: Hosting a dinner party? Having family over for a holiday? Trying to impress a new guy/girl? Birthday Cake is a must have. Step 1: Put your wax tart in your warmer! Step 2: Hide the warmer! Step 3: Keep guests out of the kitchen while you "prepare" dessert (your store bought cake/cupcakes)! Step 4: Tell guests you just frosted these beautiful cupcakes/cake that you had been working on all day! Step 5: Turn off the Warmer

What You'll Find In Sheila Bourland's Jewelry In Candles Shop!

Jewelry In Candles Scented Wax Tarts:With a jumbo 5.5oz. package of 6 scented wax tarts, you'll not only be impressed with the surprise jewelry you'll receive, but the size of your wax tarts as well. With most wax tarts having a size around 1 to 3 oz, Jewelry In Candles scented wax tarts will cover your wax tart addiction and more. Made of 100% all natural soy and lasting for up to 60 hours of fragrance, your tarts are safe and long-lasting. What do you need to do to get some scented wax tarts from Jewelry In Candles? Pick your scent, pick your ring size of favorite type of jewelery and get your warmer ready! These wax tarts are perfect for your tart warmer, candle warmer, potpourri pot or Scentsy warmer.

Jewelry In Candles' All Natural Soy Candles: Treat yourself to two gifts for the price of one. You'll receive a 21oz. jewelry candle that's made of 100% all natural soy! Burning for 100 to 150 hours, you can bet this candle will not only give you entertainment, but last forever. Plus, don't forget, you get to pick your ring size or favorite type of jewelry in every candle you purchase!

New Releases: This has become my favorite Jewelry In Candles section! This is my first stop every time I head over to Sheila's site. This is where I find out what new and limited edition candle and wax scents have come out. These past few months have been filled with Jewelry In Candles' creativity, coming up with mouth-watering and refreshing scents including Lilac, Gardenia, Meadow, Hydrangea, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Neapolitan , Tranquility , Cherry Vanilla, Spiced Coffee, Love Potion, Eclair, and The Gentleman.

Signature Collections: Signature collections are hand-picked and customer approved so you get the best scents possible! These collections each come with three candles and are broken down into the fresh fruit collection, guilty pleasures collection, perfect home collection, tranquility collection or a "build your own" collection! Remember, each collection comes with three candles so that means you get to pick what type of jewelry you want in each candle. How fun is that? With one collection, you can get each jewelry piece, giving you a necklace, ring, and set of earrings to wear. Or you can stick with one piece. It's all up to you. You'll be impressed with all these scent choices. Plus, if you're unsure, just read the great customer reviews to see what others thought!

Seasonal Scents: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall! Jewelry In Candles has you covered 365 days a year, through every season whether it's a blizzard outside or a hot summer day! You'll find yummy fragrances of the seasons from Jewelry In Candles, giving you fresh blooms of spring to the lively fruits of summer and the spiced apples and pumpkins of fall to the crisp pine of winter!

Relaxing Scents: Save yourself hundreds of dollars at the spa and bring the spa to you with relaxing scents from Jewelry In Candles! Whether you're stressed and need a way to unwind or want to slow down the space of your hectic day, Jewelry In Candles not only gives you relaxing, spa-like scents, but also rewards you with a jewelry surprise inside each candle and wax tart.

Fruit Scents: Keep the summer going year round with fruit scents from Jewelry In Candles. Apples, berries and melons from Jewelry In Candles' fruit-inspired candles and tarts will infuse any room with invigorating aromas that last for hours.

Dessert Scents: Jewelry In Candles cures your sweet tooth with their dessert collection. Get the scrumptious aromas of dessert without baking with their yummy dessert scents. Fill your home with the decadent smells of creamy milk chocolate, sticky cinnamon buns dripping with icing, and creamy vanilla birthday cake. Yummy!

Scent of the Month: Every month, Jewelry In Candles offers you 25% off a specific scent that's been voted "favorite" by customers. This is a great way to try a new scent at a lower price, or get more of your favorite scent at a lower cost! April's Scent of the Month is Island Hibiscus! Purchase any Island Hibiscus candle or wax tart and receive 25% off in the entire month of April! May's Scent of the month is Honeydew Melon! Purchase any Honeydew Melon candle or wax tart and receive 25% off in the entire month of May!

Lights Out: Jewelry In Candles lets you know about any scent that's reached its wick's end and will be leaving JIC. They'll give you one last chance to get some of your favorite scents before they leave so be sure to check this section often. 

Jewelry In Candles Rep Opportunities: You're welcome to join the JIC family anytime, whether it's 2pm or 2am. Once you sign up, you'll receive a personalized eCommerce store and be able to start earning income within minutes. You're given limitless income potential and can personalize your store with your picture and social connections. Need a second income or just looking for spending cash? Jewelry In Candles is the perfect way to start earning!

Aroma BeadsGet ready, Aroma Beads will make their debut with Jewelry In Candles sometime in 2014!

Visit JIC Rep Sheila Bourland's Jewelry In Candles Store!

Click on the picture above to go to JIC Rep Sheila Bourland's Jewelry In Candles Store!

Find Jewelry In Candles Rep Sheila Bourland on Facebook!

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Want to see my Jewelry In Candles Reveal? Check out my review and reveal of Jewelry In Candles wax tarts in the video below!!!

What have you ordered from Jewelry In Candles? What's your favorite scent? Which jewelry piece would you pick if you ordered from Jewelry In Candles?


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