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Christi's Creations Candle and Wax Review

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 4/06/2014 02:54:00 PM

I started this “Pay It Forward” series to give back to small businesses who give so much to us. I wanted to feature everything, from the personalized service to the hard work put in to create such beautiful products. The next small business perfectly embodied what the “Pay It Forward” series was all about.

More About Christi’s Creations Owner, Christi!
Time and time again, Christi’s Creations has proven she’s got what it takes to run with the big dogs, while still maintaining a small business, making beautiful candle creations for more than fifteen years. Not only does she impress you with your favorite products like candles and wax tarts, but she has ventured out, creating one-of-a-kind firearm merchandise that have become top sellers. Plus, she has a hard-working attitude and makes every customer her number one priority.

My Experience with Christi’s Creations!

Now that you know just how great of an owner Christi is, let’s talk about my experience with Christi’s Creations’ candles and wax tarts. Throughout the years, I’ve been buying wax, I’ve always gravitated towards the fresh and floral scents. There’s just something about having my house smell like Spring, in the middle of a winter blizzard in Buffalo, NY that I just couldn’t get past. When it came to this series and working with candle and wax companies, I knew, in order to see just how talented they are in creating beautiful scents, I had to expand my horizons. Taking the leap into the food/drink wax scents and all of those other great wax scent categories, was the best decision I could have made. When it came time to choose scents, I chose to go with scents that I had heard so many other wax fanatics talk about, but hadn’t yet tried.

Banana Nut Bread Wax Tarts
Banana Nut Bread Wax Tart: This yummy wax scent brought one of my favorite treats to life. The banana bread wax tart on cold sniff brought memories of pulling fresh baked banana bread right out of the oven. Not long after popping this delicacy in the wax warmer, my home was filled with a delicious scent that could compete with any bakery.

Love Spell Wax Tart: Most of people know about Victoria Secret’s Love Spell scent and with all the wonderful things I’ve heard, I thought I’d give it a try. Boy am I glad I did! On cold sniff, the berries and floral scents popped out, truly intoxicating you with a love spell. This magical moment only continues when you put this yummy tart in the warmer.

Why I love Christi’s Creations’ Wax Tarts: It may just be me, but I’m all about the labels and packaging when it comes to candles and wax tarts. I feel it says a lot about a company, no matter who they are and what they sell. If your packaging doesn’t look good, what does that say about your products? Christi takes pride in her work and it shows from her packaging and labels. Both the wax tarts and candles were very secure and beautifully labeled. She has unique labels for each wax tarts which is different from most wax companies. You’ll typically see a label with the company’s name and the scent, but Christi makes sure to put a unique picture on each tart. Banana Nut Bread had a picture of the delicious treat, Love Spell had a heart with a beautiful design, and all of the other scents she offers come with their own unique labels. It’s those extra little touches that I love.

Lemongrass Soy Tin Candle: Instead of sending me a Lemongrass wax tart, Christi’s Creations was kind enough to send me this scent in a soy tin candle. This clean and fresh lemon scent was sharp, but very soothing. I decided to alternate lighting this candle between the kitchen and the bathroom. Walking into these rooms, especially in the mornings, gave off such an invigorating scent, and was the perfect start to my days.

Why I love Christi’s Creations’ Candles: Christi uses different labels on her candles than she does her wax tarts, but they’re just as unique. On the soy tin candle lid, you’ll find a picture of your candle scent, along with a link to both Christi’s Creations’ Etsy Shop and Facebook Page. Why do I love this? Well I’m a mom of two and I forget things on a daily basis, whether it’s where I put my car keys or where I left my glasses (which are usually right on top of my head). I have Christi’s Creations saved under my favorites in a folder I labeled “Best Candle and Wax Companies,” but the chances of forgetting that, may be pretty good. Instead of spending time searching, I can now just head over to the kitchen, bathroom or the candle shelf and grab my yummy soy tin candle top.
Blackberry Sage Wax Tart
Peppermint Pattie Wax Tart
HoneysuckleWax Tart

Scents: Lemon Verbena, Honeysuckle, Spiced Cider, Gingerbread Spice Cake, Gardenia, Black Cherry, Chocolate, Grapefruit Jasmine, Banana Nut Bread, Plumeria, Coconut Lime, Love Spell, Butterscotch Pudding, Lilac, Vanilla, Lavender, Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee, Freesia, Orange Ginger, Bacon, BBQ, Leather, Honeydew, Whipped Pumpkin Pie, Canella Bark, Cucumber Melon, Bay Laurel, Peppermint Patty, Apple Crumble, Rose, Raspberry Cream, Coffee Cream, Cinnamon, Blackberry Sage and more.

(Not all scents available at all times!) Not seeing your favorite scent? Looking for a custom scent? Contact Christi’s Creations owner, Christi and she’ll let you if your favorite scent’s available and if she can make your custom scent.

What Christi’s Creations Offers:

Wax Tarts With more than 30 scents available, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when picking out your wax tarts. Christi makes her wax tarts with either soy or paraffin wax and puts an “X” or a checkmark right on the wax tart package. Each clamshell tart package holds approximately 2.5oz. – 3oz. of wax and comes with 6 breakaway cubes that you can use in your electric or tea light warmer. (Run out of tea lights? Pick some up at Christi’s Creations!)

Fruit Jar Candles
Fruit Jar Candles –  Get ready for the best looking fruit you’ve ever seen! I was blown away when I found Christi’s Creations’ Facebook page and discovered her Fruit Jar Candles. I’ll be honest, they looked so realistic, I thought that she had just posted photos of yummy-looking drinks…..until I finally saw the wick. These are truly works of art and I wish I would have seen these sooner. These Fruit Jar Candles are made with fruit-shaped paraffin wax and a clear gel surround. You can choose to have them made in either peach, strawberry or mixed fruit scents, in either a pint or half pint, plus because gel wax is a longer lasting, longer burning wax, you can bet, these candles will last forever!

Tin Candles
Tin Candles These adorable 6oz. soy tin candles are the perfect way to go if you’re looking to try a new scent and are perfect to buy in multiples. Christi makes her tin candles with 100% soy wax and cotton square braid wicks designed to curl so the carbon build up is minimized and your candle burns cleaner. Your 6oz. soy tin candle will measure a little over 2 inches high by a little over 3 inches across and is a perfect travel size candle. Plus, these are the perfect candles to use at baby and bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and family, friend, and co-worker gifts.

Leather Mandle
BBQ Mandle
Bacon Mandle
MandlesChristi’s Creations’ Mandles are made with paraffin wax and come in Bacon, BBQ and Leather scents! Wrapped in cellophane and tied with twin for a masculine look, your man will not only be impressed, but he’ll now understand your obsession with candles and wax, which is always a good thing! Mandles weigh 10 oz. and measure 2 inches high and 3.5 inches in diameter. Mandles are made from paraffin wax and extra ingredients to not only make the wax harder, but burn longer as well. Plus, cotton wicks are used, which smoke less and are non-toxic, making everyone happy! If you’re still unsure whether mandles are right for you, Christi makes it easy. Just ask yourself these simple questions:

“Does your man put bacon on everything, having you worry he’ll turn into a pig?” – Get him a Bacon Mandle!
“Is your man the BBQ king, wearing his “Kiss The Chef” apron and carefully crafting every meal with a watchful eye on gas, charcoal, or smoke?” – Get him a BBQ Mandle!
“Does your man spend every weekend wiping down the leater in his prized car with wood trim accents?” – Get him a Leather Mandle!

Scented Chunky Pillar Candles - Most people think plain when they hear the word pillar, but there’s nothing plain about Christi’s Creations’ Scented Chunky Pillar Candles. Each pillar candles is a one of a kind creation, from the shape, to the size, to the color, to the scent. So what shapes can you get your chunky pillar candles in? Anything you can imagine! Christi offers her scented chunky pillar candles in a variety of sizes, prices and shapes including triangle candles, star candles, hexagon candles, cylinder candles, oval candles, rectangle brick candles, small tall square candles, tall large square candles, large square candles, small short square candles, large round candles and short round candles. Scented Chunky Pillar Candles can measure anywhere from 3 inches tall to 7.25 inches tall and can range anywhere from $4 to $12! Plus, you get to pick your scent!
Photo Credit: Art Whims Photography
Scented Tea Lights

Scented Tea Lights – Made in small batches and hand poured, these scented tea lights are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Christi uses high quality paraffin or 100% soy wax (waxes are kept separate and melted in separate melters) and come with cotton wicks. Tea lights last approximately 12 hours and are made in clear acrylic containers to show off the beauty of each candle. Christi's Creations offers scented tea lights in a variety of scents. Don't see your favorite scent? Just ask Christi! Unsure if you'll like a scent? Christi's scented tea lights are the perfect way to sample new wax scents. Tea Lights can be used in your home, at birthdays, weddings, romantic evenings, and more. Plus you can use these in your tea light wax warmers. Christi's tea lights have been used in weddings and produce beautiful photos. 

Coffee Gel Candles

Coffee Gel Candles - Get your caffeine fix all day long with a vanilla hazelnut coffee scented candle! Made with a gel wax base, whipped paraffin topping and sprinkled with chocolate scented wax shavings, the only problem you'll find with this candle is not drinking it! Plus, you can afford to get a couple of these with a price tag of only $5! These coffee candles make perfect gifts too! Attach a Starbucks, Tim Hortons or Dunkin Donuts gift card too it and you're all set!

Shotgun Shell Party Lights
Shotgun Shell Party Lights

Shotgun Shell Party Lights  After shooting trap for years with her father, Christi gave her father shotgun shells stung on Christmas lights and Shotgun Shell Party Lights were born! These fun and unique party lights can be used to decorate your home, Christmas trees, cabin, RV, trailer, man-cave, outdoor patios, shed out back, and just about anywhere you're looking to add a little fun to. These shotgun shell lights can be made to be multi-colored, red and green, red, white and blue or any color combo you like. Chriti's has even made a pink and white shotgun shell party light set for a baby shower. Shotgun shell party lights are priced on light count and are offered in 20 count and 35 count. If you're looking for a particular light count, just contact Christi!

9mm Push Pins
Barn Wood Coat Racks with Shotgun Shells
Firearm related products – You'll also find that Christi creates an assortment of firearm related products including coat racks, bulletin boards, push pins, magnets, cork boards, key chains and more! 
Shotgun Shell Keychains
Framed Bulletin Board with 9mm Luger Push Pins

How Do You Order From Christi's Creations?

You'll find out all the info on your favorite scents and products over at Christi's Creations' Etsy Shop! Well organized and easy to read, whether you're looking for wax tarts and candles or itching to get a set of Christi's famous shotgun shell party lights, ordering anything here is a cinch. If you don't see a product or scent you're looking for, want a customized order, have questions (whether it be on shipping, scents, products, etc.), or just want to leave a glowing review and need help, Christi is always available to help and let me tell you, she's very quick on getting back to you. To contact Christi, just email her at christiscreations@comcast.net 

Click on the picture above to go to Christi's Etsy Shop, Christi's Creations!

Find Christi's Creations on Facebook! You'll find updates on all of your favorite products, deals, brand new products, photos, giveaways, and more! Make sure to have "Get Notifications" turned on so you never miss updates! Have questions, just message Christi or email her at christiscreations@comcast.net 
Click on the picture above to head over to Christi's Creations Facebook Page!

Check out my review of Christi's Creations along with all of the great wax tarts and candles I received in my video below!

What are your favorite products from Christi's Creations? What's a scent you would love to try?

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