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Krazy Kool Krayons Review

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 4/27/2014 09:01:00 PM
Having two preschool-aged kids, I'm always looking for products that bring out their creativity, but are fun at the same time. When I came across the next small business, not only was I impressed by what they offered, but by the good they were doing.

Krazy Kool Krayons

Krazy Kool Krayons creates and sells crayons that come in more than thirty fun shapes for kids, but here's the kicker, they're made by kids. Not only will these creative crayons put a smile on your child's face, but on yours as well, when you see just how inexpensive they are. Krazy Kool Krayons come in any color you can imagine and bring your child's favorite character's and toys to life. These make perfect anytime gifts for your kids and are perfect for stocking stuffers, party favors, basket fillers, and just about any other occasion you can think of.

As a parent, Krazy Kool Krayons is one of my favorite companies to connect  and interact with. They're more than just a company that makes fun products for kids, they care so much about their fans and making every day fun. You'll find that updates are posted everyday, whether it be photos of the latest fun shapes and colors they've come up with, giveaways, contests, or opinons from fans on what you'd like to see more of, new products, etc.

Krazy Kool Krayons is a a family-friendly crayon company that gives back so much to the community. They offer unique giveaways that you won't see anywhere else, giveaways that get you and your kids involved, making it a family affair. By just telling you the name of one of their very special giveaways they offer, would not do it justice, so here's just one of the special giveaways you'll see from Krazy Kool Krayons.

"I Want To Make You Smile" Giveaway

Krazy Kool Krayons offers this giveaway whenever they can. It is by far my favorite giveaway I've ever entered, because it's about kids. You get to send in your nomination for any special child in your life that you think could use a smile. If you know a child who's feeling blue or having a rough time and could use some cheering up, all you have to do is send in your story. If your entry is picked as the winner, the child you nominated will receive surprise Krazy Kool Krayons and other surprises that could include anything from coloring books to stickers and more. Carissa and her two children read every single entry that comes in and understandably have a hard time narrowing it down. No matter who wins, it brings a smile to your heart knowing a company like this is doing such good in the world! You can also support Krazy Kool Krayons and the "I Want To Make You Smile" giveaway by donating to help with shipping costs so this giveaway can continue each month and deserving children can continue to be surprised. If you'd like to help out, please visit Go Fund Me!

You'll also find giveaways around most holidays including a special one for kids this Mother's Day. Enter to win a special prize pack for your child by having them draw a picture of you. Send it in and Krazy Kool Krayons will pick the winners. Like Krazy Kool Krayons on Facebook for this giveaway and many more.

Krazy Kool Krayons Creators

Meeting Carissa Garcia (virtually of course), has been one of the best experiences of my life. Like myself, Carissa is a mother of two children, and knows just how busy and crazy everyday life can be. When her kids came up with the idea for Krazy Kool Krayons, she didn't brush it off as some silly idea, instead, she helped turn their idea into a business. Not only do her kids learn about business, time management and money, but they know just how important it is to give back and make a difference in childrens' lives. This is not something that can be taught, it's something you're born with, which makes these two children, two people that deserved to be looked up to. Not only do they sell their fun crayons online, but they also sell to local businesses and participate in as many local events as they can. Besides offering giveaways that give back to children, they also donate some sales to charities. It has been such an honor to get to know the special people behind Krazy Kool Krayons and I hope to share my experience with others, so they have the chance of getting to know just how special this company really is. 

My Krazy Kool Krayons Order:

Hello Kitty Kool Krayons

What little girl doesn’t love this adorable and lovable character? Almost too cute to use, the Hello Kitty crayons come in a variety of different shapes and colors. You can customize these whichever way you’d like and are perfect for Hello Kitty inspired birthday parties.

Dinosaur Kool Krayons

By far, one of my favorite sets, these fun-shaped dinosaur crayons come in four fun shapes so while your kids are coloring, they can learn about different types of dinosaurs at the same time. This set is a must have if you’re looking to combine fun, education and imagination.

Princess Inspired Kool Krayons

These princess-inspired crayons help bring fairy tales to life with your kids. Having two daughters, they loved this set. This set comes with crayons that include a crown and a magic wand adorned with the word princess. Perfect for princess-inspired birthday parties or to make your little ones feel royal anytime.

Lego Figure Kool Krayons

With the recent release of the Lego movie, these crayons arrived just in time. Perfect for boys and girls, these Lego men will keep your kids busy for hours, whether you’re at home, in the car, or in a waiting room. Plus, pick up some of the Lego Block crayons for some extra fun.

Heart-Shaped Kool Krayons

These heart-shaped crayons are the perfect size to fit even the smallest of hands. Your kids will love all the pretty colors these come in and they’re the perfect accessory for Valentine’s Day or to just show your little ones some extra love. 

What Krazy Kool Krayons Offers:
You'll find more than 30 fun-shaped crayons with new designs coming out often. Krazy Kool Krayons offers a variety of fun characters that your kids love, along with unique shapes for kids. Plus, don’t forget about the toddler-friendly crayons they offer. You’ll find sets that come in special containers, bags and more. Since, they offer all these great crayons at an inexpensive price, you’re already getting such a great deal, but you’ll find, they do have special offers, so staying up-to-date with Krazy Kool Krayons is key. Normally, I’d tell you about each different product they offer, and give a detailed description of what you’d receive, but I felt, the only way I could truly show you what to expect from Krazy Kool Krayons was through pictures. So enjoy. 

How to Stay-Up-To Date and Order from Krazy Kool Krayons!

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"I Want To Make You Smile" giveaway from Krazy Kool Krayons
What's your favorite crayon set from Krazy Kool Krayons?


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