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Educational Toys Planet Review: Melissa & Doug Play Money Set - Deluxe

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 4/12/2014 05:44:00 PM
When we buy toys for our kids, we not only think about how long they’ll actually be used for, but what purpose they serve. Is it just for fun? Is it strictly educational? Or is it both? We have always purchased Melissa & Doug toy products from the time our children were born, both for their sturdiness to survive even the toughest child and for their educational uses. We have everything from Melissa & Doug chunky puzzles to the Sanwich Making Set and Sushi Slicing Playsets, to the My Magnetic Responsibility Chart.

When Educational Toys Planet contacted The Dish on Parenting, I was extremely honored, knowing I would be working with such a great company. It was a few weeks after Christmas, and my husband and I had just bought our children an updated play kitchen. They had also received a children's cash register, you know the ones with the small cash drawer that only lasts a few days before the money is crumpled up and the key to the drawer is lost, rendering the cash drawer unusable.

So when I found out we'd be receiving the Melissa & Doug Play Money Set - Deluxe, I was beyond excited. We'd be getting a product from a brand we know, love and trust, and I'd no longer find crumpled up money on the floor! Plus, with our kids' new play kitchen, the timing could not have been better. 


 The Melissa & Doug Play Money Set - Deluxe: This toy money set comes with 350 pretend bills and 250 pretend coins in a sturdy wooden cash drawer. I was extremely impressed with how sturdy it was and just how much money came with the set. Typical cash drawers only come with a few of each bill so you're forced to buy the replacement sets immediately. Plus the quality of the bills was great. The coins were big so learning becomes much easier.

What Can Kids Learn from the Melissa & Doug Play Money Set - Deluxe: This play money set helps improve skills including counting skills, coin and bill recognition skills, math skill and pretend play! Plus it's the perfect way for your child to be introduced to currency, additional, subtraction, and visual recognition!

What we thought: We absolute loved the Melissa & Doug Play Money Set - Deluxe. It took only a few seconds for my kids to run right over and play in their new and improved store. This was exactly what their pretend kitchen/store needed. As Melissa & Doug fans, we weren't surprised that the this toy impressed us as usual! We loved how easy it was for the kids to grab the money and after a few minutes, they wanted to know what each bill and coin was. We talked about where each bill and coin went and how to match them up if they were having trouble. In just a few minutes, this money set was already educating our children and that's priceless! 

Take a look at all the fun the Melissa & Doug Play Money Set - Deluxe offered!

Getting me groceries!

Plus, mommy needs money to shop at their new store!


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What's your favorite toy from Educational Toys Planet?


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