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Still Water Candles Review

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Still Water Candles

Along my “Pay It Forward” journey, I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really great businesses and this next one is no different. Sticking with our candle and wax series, StillWater Candles not only impressed me with their products, but with their gracious attitude. Still Water Candles take you to a place of serenity, sophistication, elegance and grace. From the moment you visit their Etsy shop, you just know that this candle and wax company is something both special and different. 

Still Water Candles soy wax tarts

A Little Bit About The Owner

Still Water Candles owner, Janelle Ferguson was so caring, generous, and more than willing to give me all the time in the world to decide what scents I wanted to try. I’m more of a fresh scent kinda gal, but there’s some bakery wax scents you just can’t deny yourself. While I took some more time to go through all the amazing scents she offered, I didn’t have to worry about being hounded by messages or email asking me when I was planning on ordering. 

still water candles

Janelle makes all of her candles, wax tarts and air fresheners by hand so you know a ton of hard work and love goes into each and every product.Whatever questions you have on shipping, scents, or any of Still Water Candles’ products, Janelle is right there to answer them. There’s no waiting days or weeks for a response, her customer service is frankly something some businesses could learn a lesson from. Plus, Janelle has such a positive attitude and puts so much focus on what the customer needs. I happened to be very sick around the time I was picking out scents and instead of worrying about getting her next order, Janelle left a very sweet message, telling me she hoped I was feeling better. That alone proves just how different small businesses and big businesses really are. 

What I received

downy fresh wax tarts

Stargazer Lily Wax Tart – What can I say, I’m a sucker for fresh and floral scents! The wax tart filled my home with the smells of beautiful
Stargazer Lilies in Spring. Coming home from a long day at work and below freezing temperatures outside isn’t bad at all when you have this scent to come home to!

Downy Fresh Wax Tart – I may not like doing laundry but if there’s Downy in our house, you can bet I’ll be cleaning even our clean clothes. This laundry wax scent was impressive. I’m hoping if I melt the Downy Fresh wax scent long enough, it’ll hypnotize my husband into doing the laundry!

soy wax tarts

Blueberry Muffins Wax Tart – The perfect scent every day of the week. Weekdays are rush rush at our house, so I love throwing this on the wax warmer bright and early. Unfortunately, it may have some of your family members wondering where the muffins are. Use my trick and say you ate them all already! Plus, it’s the perfect wax scent to melt on the weekends when you’re cooking Sunday breakfast!

Funnel Cake Wax Tart – Here in Buffalo, NY, winters last extremely long. In fact, we’re still getting snow as I speak type. The thought of summer is a long way away when you get some of the coldest winters, but this yummy wax scent takes care of that. Funnel Cake brings memories of hot days, cool nights, and summer carnivals right into your home. Want your house to smell heavenly? You’ll want to pick up Still Water Candles’ Funnel Cake wax scent!

Pie Crust Wax Tart – I love to bake, but don’t always have the time to with our busy schedule and this is the perfect wax scent to take care of that. Sometimes the best part about baking a pie, is the smell of the pie crust coming out of the oven. This wax tart, has a yummy buttery scent that leaves you dreaming up the delicious pies you’ll be baking this Spring.

pie crust wax tarts

What Else Does Still Water Candles Offer?

You’ll not only find great candle, wax, and air freshener products at Still Water Candles, but you’ll find that the variety of each of these products is the best part!!!

soy wax tarts and wax meltsWax Tarts and Wax Melts: With 80 wax scents to choose from, the only problem you’re going to have is not buying them all. What can you expect when you purchase wax tarts from Still Water Candles? Quality, Security and Elegance!. You can tell, a lot of love and hard work goes into the pouring of the wax tarts. It shows when they arrive your door in pristine condition. The colors are beautiful. Whether they’re vibrant or more muted tones, they just scream elegance. The labels add even more grace to these already beautiful tarts. Plus, they are packed extremely secure. 

mason jar candlesMason Jar Candles: Some wax fans don’t care for mason jar candles. Well they haven’t seen Still Water Candles yet! Again, these too just scream elegance, but also simplicity. You won’t find these jars ruined with added features that just don’t need to be there. Instead, Janelle adorns each of these mason jar candles with a piece of twine, tied into a beautiful bow – simple, yet elegant. Don’t forget, the added bonus to ordering mason jar candles is that they serve more than one purpose. Finished with your candle? Wash it out and fill it with pens, craft supplies, or the cards of your favorite wax companies including Still Water Candles. Plus, you’ll love the gorgeous colors and yummy scents that Still Water Candles offers in the Mason Jar Candles! Aruba Coconut, Pumpkin Crunch Cake, Bubblegum, Toasted Marshmallow – Yes Please!

memorial candles and unity candlesMemorial Candles and Unity Candles: Whether it’s your wedding day or a somber occasion, Still Water Candles helps to bring a special touch your day. Rustic memorial candles, engraved with your loved one’s initials may not make the day any easier, but it allows you to memorialize the ones closest to you through personalization and beautiful candles. If you’re looking for something for the “Big Day,” Still Water Candles has you covered! You’ll have plenty of unity candles to choose from with unity candles sets, unity candle holders, square taper candles and much more. Plus, your unity candles will be adorned with twine twisted into the shape of a heart!

unscented pillar candlesPillar Candles: Whether you’re baking up a storm at your annual cookie exchange party before the holidays or hosting a dinner party, Pillar Candles are the perfect way to not only create a relaxing atmosphere, but to do it in style. Pillar candles come unscented so as not to interfere with the other scents in your home, like your worked-all-day-on-it entrĂ©e or the fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies that just came out of the oven. Pillar candles come in an array of colors, are 3 inches wide and can be purchased at a height of either 6 or 9 inches. You’ll also find pillar candle sets at Still Water Candles. Sets of three rustic pillar candles are hand-poured at cool temperatures to achieve a unique surface. Each candle is 3 inches wide and are at heights of 3.5”, 4”, and 4.5” tall.

glitter pillar candles

Glitter Candles: Looking for a way to bring a little glitz and glam into your home? You’ll want to check out the Glitter Candles from Still Water Candles. These too, are pillar candles, which come unscented, 3 inches wide and can be purchased at a height of either 6 or 9 inches. Put a little pizazz in your next dinner party – Get a shimmery glitter pillar candle!

custom made car air freshenersAir Fresheners: Let’s face it – the little tree hanging air fresheners are just not a good look for your car or any car for that matter. Who doesn’t love walking into their home after their favorite candle’s been lit, or their favorite wax has been put on the warmer? Why shouldn’t we expect the same for our vehicles that we’re in every day? Still Water Candles takes car  air fresheners to a whole new level, letting you customize both the shape and the color. They offer fun shapes that everyone can enjoy, along with bright vibrant colors, so you can show off your newest creation. Plus, these aren’t your typical air freshener scents! Pink Sugar, Nag Champa, Coffee, Vanilla and Lilac will leave you with the best-smelling car in town!

aroma bead sachets
Sachets/Aroma Beads: Aroma beads are the latest craze that’s going around in the candle and wax world. Aroma beads will come in a colorful sachet/organza bag that holds 1oz of aroma beads, making them ideal whether you’re at home or on-the-go. With a fragrance that lasts several months, you may just want to grab a few. Take your sachet with you in your car or leave your aroma beads at home in your bathroom, closets, drawers, bedrooms, lockers, luggage, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

scent sample test strips
Fragrance Test Strips: Not sure what scents you like? Looking to try out more fresh wax scents? Food wax scents? This is the perfect way to find out which scents you love the most! 10 scent strips for $1.00! You can’t beat that. 

Looking For Custom or Bulk Orders? Still Water Candles can take care of all of your custom orders, working with you to change almost any candle in their shop to your preferred color and fragrance. Looking to order larger quantities? Not a problem. Just contact Still Water Candles owner, Janelle for a discounted price! 

So Where Can You Find Still Water Candles?

Still Water Candles makes it easy for you to both find and purchase the candles and wax tarts you love by offering all of their products in one place, their shop on Etsy. There’s no Facebook page to find. No Twitter account to follow. It’s that simple. Plus, with 1,440 sales and 315 reviews and growing, you know Still Water Candles is doing something right! Love what you see? Head on over to the Still Water Candles Etsy shop and pick up your favorite products!. Just click on the picture below and you’ll be taken to Still Water Candles’ Store!

still water candles on etsy
Click on the picture above to head over to Still Water Candles on Etsy!

How can you get updates?
Sign up for the Still Water Candles Newsletter and you’ll get updates on the latest coupons, sales and announcements. Just click on the picture below and it’ll take you right to the newsletter sign-up form. It’s simple, enter your first and last name, email address and favorite scent! Check your email and click subscribe and you’re all set. It only takes a few seconds! 
still water candles newsletter
Click the picture above to sign up for the Still Water Candles Newsletter!

Check Out My Video Review!
Want to know more about the wax tarts I received from Still Water Candles? Need help with Still Water Candles’ Etsy shop? Need help with the Still Water Candles Newsletter? Check out my review of Still Water Candles below to find out what I thought, get close up views of each wax tart, and how to access the Still Water Candles Etsy shop and Newsletter!

What wax tart or candle scents are you looking to try from Still Water Candles? What's your favorite product from Still Water Candles? Leave us a comment, letting us know what you love most!

Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles And Wax Review

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Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles

That feeling you get when you've found "The One" usually refers to the man or woman you plan on marrying and spending the rest of your life with, but for some of us, it's the wax company you just can't live without.

Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles is that wax company you wish you could selfishly keep to yourself, getting all of the latest wax products before anyone else, getting the best deals and winning all the giveaways so no one else could. But you can't keep Aunt Smellman's to yourself. It's just too hard. The wax is just too good. Too unique. When that wax package you've been so patiently waiting for arrives at your door, you want to shout it from the rooftops, telling everyone you know, from your friends and family to the random person behind you in line at the grocery store.

There's so many wax and candle companies out there today so what makes Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles different? Well to start, the personalized service. I thought long and hard, the best way to put into words the service I received.Sure I could say it was good or great but those words just didn't describe what I was really trying to say. I guess the best way to describe Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles' owner, Sabrina Tuten, is to tell you she's like that really cool older sister that you never had.(And if you did have that cool older sister, Aunt Smellman is even cooler) What do I mean by this? Well she doesn't talk to you like you're just another wax order, instead you're treated like the only wax friend in the world that matters to her. You notice it when you talk to her, whether it be through email, a question sent through her website, or a comment made on her Facebook. Your customer service experience alone will have you coming back and ordering more wax. 

So what does Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles offer? Wax products you won't find at most companies. Aunt Smellman offers all those wax products you've already come to know and love like wax clam shells, wax tarts, wax scent shots, and wax loaves, plus offers those wax products you've never tried like spoon wax, wax pot pies, and wax 3 ways.

***Aunt Smellman's offers 210+ wax scents!!!!! Whether you're new to the wax world or a seasoned veteran, you're guaranteed to find wax that's new at Aunt Smellman's shop! Plus, Aunt Smellman breaks scents down so they're easy to find!. You'll be provided with a scent list, showing you every wax scent she offers in alphabetical order and with descriptions.

Need a bit of help choosing your scent? Not a problem! Aunt Smellman helps you choose the perfect scent for each room in your home. Here are some of Aunt Smellman's wax suggestions:

Bathroom & Bedroom: Clean and Fresh Scent Collection
Bedroom and Main Living Area: Destination Scent Collection
Bathroom, Bedrooms, and Main Living Areas: Spa Scent Collections
*Aunt Smellman also offers Seasonal Scents - Check out the Seasonal Scents for March!

My Experience with Aunt Smellman:

Everything I tried from Aunt Smellman went above and beyond impressing me. The cold scent was extremely strong (but in a good way), leading me to wonder just how much better this wax could get once it was placed in my wax warmer. One of my favorite parts about Aunt Smellman's wax is the unique name she gives each and every scent. Sure you've got your typical scents that everyone falls in love with, but Aunt Smellman's scent names go above and beyond what most wax companies would ever think of. It just proves how creative Aunt Smellman owner, Sabrina truly is. I also fell head over heels in love with each scent. They were just as impressive when melted as they were when I took my first sniff of them right out of the box. There's so many scents I still want to try. There's so many products I still want to try. The wax 3 ways, wax pot pies, the 200 other scents I still have yet to experience. I don't know where to begin. Well I guess an order placed at Aunt Smellmans would be a great start!

2oz. Super-Scented Para-Soy Wax Shots:
-Cranberry Sauce
-Beverly Hills
-Midnight Pomegranate
-Stargazer Lily
-Pink Pantaloons
-Sea Salt and Lotus

Tarts and Samples:
Twilight Woods
Pixie Wings
Peach Cotton Candy
Beach Daisies
Malibu Heatwave
Cashmere Sweater
Strawberry Nervana

So how do you order from Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles?

Get all the wax your little heart desires right on Aunt Smellman's website! You'll find that everything is very easy to find! Whether you're looking for wax clam shells, wax tarts, wax loaves, scent shots, wax 3 ways or wax pot pies, you'll find it all in one place, at Aunt Smellmans! Plus don't forget, you'll have access to 210+ yummy and unique scents with descriptions and newbies to the wax world can find the perfect scents for their home through Aunt Smellman's scent collections! Shipping info, questions/comments and access to Aunt Smellman's Facebook page can also be found right on her website. So what are you waiting for? Go get your wax on at Aunt Smellmans Today!

aunt smellman's super scented candles website
Click on the picture above to be taken to Aunt Smellman's website!

Find Aunt Smellman on Facebook! Get the latest updates on all of Aunt Smellman's wax products, sales, shipping deals, new wax scents, photos, and giveaways by heading over to Facebook!

aunt smellman on facebook
Click on the picture above to be taken to Aunt Smellman's Facebook Page!

Find out more about the wax tarts, scent shots, and samples I received from aunt Smellman, plus find out great information on her website and Facebook page by checking out my Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles review on Youtube!

What scents are you most excited to try? What Aunt Smellmans wax products are you to you?

Noopy's Soap And Candle Company Review

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"Don't Mess With Texas" is a saying that rings true for the next candle, wax, and soap company in our series. Terri Graves is the owner of Noopy's Soap and Candle Company out of Gainesville, Texas
Located in Gainesville, Texas, Noopy's Soap and Candle Company owner, Terri Graves understands that in order to compete in a business that's growing more popular by the second, you need to put out products that not only stand out in both looks and quality, but at an affordable price as well. 
triple-scented soy wax clamshells
Noopy's Soap and Candle Company has gone above and beyond when it comes to customers' expectations, finding the qualities that candle and wax addicts love, and implementing them into their everyday products. What do I mean by this? Well, what do you look for when you're searching for the perfect candle? Wax? Tarts? Soaps? Is it the scent? The burn time? The color? Noopy's Soap and Candle Company takes everything into consideration when making products, so what comes out in the end, is a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that keeps you coming back for more, no matter what you buy.

 *All Candles, Melts and Tarts are Super Triple-Scented with Pure Uncut Premium Fragrance Oil!
triple scented soy wax melts

triple scented wax meltsWax Melts/Tarts/Clamshells-All Melts and Tarts are Super-Triple Scented with Pure Uncut Premium Fragrance!
-Noopy's Soap and Candle Company offers 125+ scents to choose from!
-Receive 1 Free 1.2oz. Soy Wax Tart with every $20 you spend (excluding clearance & wholesale items)
-All scents are alphabetized so you can find what you need fast! You can also check out what Wax Melt/Tart scents Noopy's offers! Just Scroll down to the bottom!

triple scented wax tarts

-All Candles are Super Triple-Scented with Pure Uncut Premium Fragrance!
-Offers a 16oz. Super Triple-Scented soy wax candle in an apothecary jar!
-Offers a 8oz. Super Triple-Scented soy wax candle in a square mason jar!
-Receive 1 Free 1.2oz. Soy Wax Tart with every $20 you spend (excluding clearance & wholesale items)
-All scents are alphabetized so you can find what you need fast! You can also check out what Wax Melt/Tart scents Noopy's offers! Just Scroll down to the bottom!
16 oz soy wax candles8 oz soy wax candles

Natural Handmade Bar Soap
Goat Milk Soap - Oatmeal Soap - Cocoa Butter Soap with Goat Milk - Tea Tree Soap with Lemon - Tea Tree with Emollient Oil - Lavender Peppermint Soap - Lemon Pumice Soap - Raw Black African Soap - Sweet Baby Buttermilk Soap - Plus other great Scented Goat Milk Soaps!

Find great handmade soap scents including types
: Natural White, Acqua di Gio, Brown Sugar & Fig, Cool Water for Men, Gardenia Lily, Green Tea, Jacob's Desire, London for Men, Pink Sugar, Sandalwood Vanilla, sweet Pea, Tuberose, Warm Vanilla Sugar

- Noopy's Natural Handmade Soaps are hand-crafted with generous amounts of Emollient (skin softening) oils, and/or essential oils, plus a tiny amount of organic grapefruit seed extract (helps preserve, powerful antioxidant)!
-Noopy's natural handmade soaps beat out most sellers! You'll receive a generous 6oz. soap priced at what most sellers offer in 4oz.
-Receive 1 Free 1.2oz. Soy Wax Tart with every $20 you spend (excluding clearance & wholesale items)
*(Soap will shrink as it dries, so each soap bar may weigh a little less than stated size.)

Lotions, Balms, Butters-Receive 1 Free 1.2oz. Soy Wax Tart with every $20 you spend (excluding clearance & wholesale items)

all natural foot, elbow and hand cream

-Foot, Elbow and Hand Balm- natural with unrefined Shea Butter and Beeswax. Includes emollient oils, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils. Helps rough dry hands, problem skin, cracks in the skin, etc. Melts like butter on your skin and feels great!!!

all natural hand and foot cream
-Body Butters and Hand/Foot Creams- have essential oils, emollient oils, Lanolin Butter, Unrefined Shea Butter and/or Unrefined Beeswax.

all natural lip balm

-Lip Glosses/Balms - All Natural!!! (Include most of the same ingredients above) Perfect for healing and softening dry lips. These are a customer favorite for a reason! Plus, you have access to great scents like Peppermint (made with real essential oil), Cotton Candy, Ruby Pomegranate, Juicy Melon and Orange Cream Vanilla!

Magnetic Hematite BraceletsNoopy's Also Offers:
Magnetic Hematite Bracelets: (For Men & Women) - Magnetic Hematite is said to help with both circulation and blocking pain!

wax warmer bulbsWax Warmer Bulbs: 25 watt standard wax warmer bulbs. Compatible with Scentsy warmers, Walmart warmers and Noopy's warmers!

Check out my video review on Noopy's Soap and Candle Company to find out what I thought of my wax tarts, how to access Noopy's products and more great information. Plus, get all the products you love from Noopy's Soap and Candle Company by visiting them on their website, etsy shop, or Facebook page below!

So, Where Do You Go To Purchase Your New Favorite Wax, Candle & Soap Products?

Visit Noopy's Soap and Candle Company's Website!

What scents do you want to try from Noopy's Soap and Candle Company? Leave your comments here, letting The Dish on Parenting know what you ordered/loved the most from Noopy's Soap and Candle Company!

*Noopy's Soap and Candle Company provided me with a sample in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Little Prim Candle Bakery Review

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On the start of my journey to finding small businesses who love what they do and care about their customers, I came across an extremely special candle/wax and beauty shop that I now know as Little Prim Candle Bakery!

My first experience with this special shop was with Little Prim Candle Bakery owner, Lisa, who I might add, is one of the nicest people you could ever imagine meeting. Wax questions? She'll answer them! Special orders? She'll take care of them! Concerns? She'll address them! Facebook Giveaways? She'll host them! Beautiful wax, candles, and beauty supplies? She makes them!!!

On this long road of searching for those small companies that deserved to be recognized, I can't tell you how exciting and refreshing it was to meet so many people that had a can-do, positive attitude. Little Prim Candle Bakery was the first shop I came across and Lisa's amazing attitude only reinforced why I was doing this in the first place.

So what will you find in Little Prim Candle Bakery?

Candle Products
Beer Candles
And More!

Beauty/Home Products
Lip Balm
Custom Product-Filled Boxes (Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, etc.)

Room/Linen Air Fresheners

I was lucky enough to try some of Little Prim Candle Bakery's products and I was not disappointed. Not long after talking to Lisa, my candle and wax products were already here. Fast shipping means a happy customer. Plus, if you have any shipping questions, she explains everything right on her website, noting that most orders ship in 1-2 business days if the item's in stock. Of course turn around times may vary, but that's to be expected if your purchasing a custom order. You can expect to be notified of an approximate ship date if you're custom ordering.

With me being relatively new to the wax addict world (I'm a 9 year wax fan, but 1 year wax addict), there's so many scents I've yet to try, so I felt it was best for Lisa to pick for me. Boy am I glad I did. She picked three wax and candle scents that I've never had before, but will forever buy from her, because the scents are so impressive. Alright Alright I'll tell you what I received. (I know for some of you wax addicts, it's probably killing you at this point)

From Little Prim Candle Bakery's jar candles, I received a Pink Sugar Jar Candle, a Coffee House Breakaway Tart and a Sugar Cookie Breakaway Tart. The fact that this company has the word bakery in it can definitely cause some trouble. The cold throw alone makes you want to dig in and eat these delicious-smelling treats.

Coffee House Breakaway Melt - In Buffalo, NY, we have a special little coffee place that came over from Canada  called Tim Hortons. Some of you may know it, some of you may not. Those of you who do, will know exactly what I mean by my next comment. Those of you who don't, I'd start a petition if I were you. Little Prim Candle Bakery's Coffee House Breakaway Melt smells like a piping hot cup of coffee from Tim Hortons which is the most beautiful, yummy smell you could imagine. (On the melter in the kitchen as I write this)

Sugar Cookie Breakaway Melt - Whether you're a professional baker or you're yet to learn what a baking sheet is, this wax melt ensures you'll never have to lift a finger to get that yummy freshly baked sugar cookie smell in your home. There's no lemon or spice notes in this special treat!

Pink Sugar Jar Candle - (Best Seller) This is one of those candles that you keep running back to, lifting off the top, and smelling because it's just so good. If you could put heaven in a jar, this is exactly what it would smell like. It contains top notes of smooth Jamaican vanilla and caramel, chased by Bergamot, Sicilian Orange, Raspberry, Fig leaves, Licorice, Strawberry Candy, Barbe-a-Papa, and musk with a dry down of Lily of the Valley, rich woods, and delicate powder. Like I said, Heaven in a jar.

These three candle and breakable tarts have made me an instant customer for life. It's not only the quality of what I received but it's also the service. Little Prim Candle Bakery doesn't treat you like you're a number or just more money, they treat you like you're the only customer they care about every single time.

Plus, Little Prim Candle Bakery not only thinks about the customer and their shopping experience, but their shipping experience as well, taking the environment into account as well. Little Prim Candle Bakery only uses starch-based, water-soluble packing peanuts when they ship, which can be emptied into any sink or bath tub and dissolved by running warm/hot water over them. The materials used are not harmful to your pipes and should wash away easily. Any residue left is starch and not harmful to the environment! Now that's a forward-thinking, environmental-conscious company!

Ask about custom boxes
for your next event!

So How Can You Order?
Little Prim Candle Bakery makes it so easy for you to order your favorite products, making their shop available for access in multiple ways.

Order all your candle, wax, and beauty products from Little Prim Candle Bakery's website. It's easy to use, organized, and shipping is a cinch.

Order all the candles, wax, and beauty products you love from Little Prim Candle Bakery's Website!

Find Little Prim Candle Bakery on Etsy! Check out reviews of the products you want to try, customize orders and ask the owner questions at their Etsy Shop. Products are broken down into categories so everything's easy to find and purchase.

Customize your candle, wax, and beauty orders on Little Prim Candle Bakery's Etsy Shop!

Or check out Little Prim Candle Bakery's Facebook Page! Now it's easier than ever to multitask. Catch up with friends, like Facebook statuses and now shop for your favorite candle, wax, and beauty products at Little Prim Candle Bakery's shop on Facebook. Just click on the Shop tab, pick the products you love, and checkout! It's that easy! Plus, find giveaways, updates, sales and more, all in one place.
Little Prim Candle Bakery lets you access their shop while on Facebook!

My entire experience with Little Prim Candle Bakery was amazing from the first conversation I had with owner, Lisa, right down to melting my wax. You can tell how much thought is put into the products just from their appearance and the smell......oh the smell. With an amazing owner, amazing products, and one-of-a-kind scents, what's stopping you from trying Little Prim Candle Bakery!

So whether you're a candle/wax addict or a newbie to this candle, wax, and beauty world, head on over to Little Prim Candle Bakery and find out why she has some of the best products around.

For more on what I received, how and where to purchase, and more, check out my video review on Little Prim Candle Bakery!

What's your favorite scent from Little Prim Candle Bakery? Are there any scents you haven't tried yet?

*Little Prim Candle Bakery provided me with a sample in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

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