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Buzz Your Way Over To BzzAgent

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 7/19/2013 02:12:00 AM
By: Jessica Keeton

As parents, anytime we can save money, whether from coupons, discounts or even free, it's a good thing. So it can be incredibly frustrating when you buy a product only to find out it's not what you expected.

Sometimes we don't have enough information on a product before we purchase it, leaving us to hope it's up to our standards. We're usually relying on what we see on TV, read on a product's website, or something our mother's best friend's cousin told us.

Being a mom, I am always looking for ways to find new products to try but don't always have money to throw away on products I know nothing about. Looking for product testing websites can be a huge challenge as well, trying to find companies that won't fill your junk mailbox up can take some time.

Fortunately, I was able to find a great website that allows you to test products and the best part is, it's not a scam. When they say free, they mean it.

The Big Reveal
Let me introduce you to BzzAgent pronounced Buzz Agent, is the leading social marketing company that connects people with their favorite brands.

Here's How It Works (No Scams Included)

It's simple. Your first step is to go to the BzzAgent website and create an account, that's about the hardest thing you'll have to do. Next, you'll fill out surveys, not the scam type that send you emails after each survey you fill out. These surveys are about different products such as alcohol, household cleaners, medicines, beauty products, sporting supplies, well you get the point. Oh, and when I say surveys, I don't mean long drawn out forms, I mean they should take about a minute. These surveys help BzzAgent match you up with the campaigns that are right for you, based on your answers to the surveys.

Once a campaign comes up that fits you best, BzzAgent will let you know by sending you an email. If the campaign is something you're interested in, all you have to do is accept and there's no penalty for not accepting a campaign.

After you accept a campaign, BzzAgent provides you with information, tips, helpful talking points and offers to share with your friends, whether through Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc. BzzAgent wants you to share honest reviews and have conversations with others about the product you received in your campaign. It's only fair, they're providing us with a product and we are providing valuable information to companies about their product.

The more you participate, the more you're rewarded with points that are redeemable and more campaigns. The best way to increase your chances of continually getting campaigns is to write reviews, share photos and/or videos, write blog posts, share on Facebook and Twitter and update your followers throughout the campaign.

I know how hard it can be to find product testing companies online that aren't asking for a credit card so believe me when I say BzzAgent is an honest company that takes care of its members.

So what are you waiting for? 

Buzz on over to BzzAgent and get started on testing out the products you love.


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