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Find the Red Football Jersey and Win Sweepstakes From Purex

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 9/15/2013 01:18:00 AM
By: Jessica Keeton

From school lunch stains to grass-stained football jerseys, the new school year keeps parents busy studying, trying to make the grade in laundry class. Purex UltraPacks Detergent does the hard work for you, eliminating the toughest stains and giving you an A+ in the cleaning department.

Purex UltraPacks contain a complete load's worth of  triple action liquid laundry detergent in each pack, eliminating measuring and the mess. With double the cleaning power in every drop, your clothes will come out bright, white and clean.

It's simple! Just toss and wash! Purex UltraPacks dissolve quickly, even in cold water and are safe for any type of washing machine, including High Efficiency (HE) washers.

Purex UltraPacks plus Oxi have even more stain-fighting power than regular Purex UltraPacks because they combine the Purex performance of Purex detergent with the stain-fighting power of Oxi. No more spills! No more heavy bottles! One easy, convenient pack is all it takes to fight your toughest stains.

Purex not only helps you achieve stain-free laundry, they reward you for it too with the Find the Red Football Jersey and Win Sweepstakes!

Find the red football jersey hidden somewhere on Purex.com and WIN $50! 10 Winners!
HINT: Just Toss and go!!!!

Just click on the pictures and off you go.

Purex Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/purex
Twitter Page: http://twitter.com/Purex
Sweepstakes Entry Form: http://www.purex.com/football-scavenger-hunt


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