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Safety Labels For Kids From Lovable Labels

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 1/13/2014 05:52:00 PM
By: Jessica Keeton

Lovable Labels Inc. has created a fun and unique way to identify children's belongings. Lovable Labels are extra tough, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, washer safe, dryer safe, colorful and fun. Labels are personalized with names, initials or anything you choose, and a fun icon of your choosing!

Safety Products:

Allergy Labels
Allergy Alert labels provide a clear warning to othrs about your child's allergy or allergies. They are perfect for kids' lunch boxes, drink bottles, containers, etc. Allergy Alert labels can be temporarily used on backpacks or clothing when your kids go on field trips, to a friend's party or when travelling anywhere they may be at risk.

Colors - Allergy Alert Labels: Red

Are personalized red labels in the shape of a stop sign drawing attention to your child's name and up to 6 allergies or medical conditions. Allergy Alert Labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, waterproof, and UV resistant.

Colors -  Allergy Alert Medical Labels & Symbol Labels: Red & Black
Feature a recognizable image and your child's name. These labels provide an immediate, clear warning. Allergy Alert Medical Labels & Symbol Labels are dishwasher and microwave safe, waterproof, and UV resistant.

Colors - Available in 10 Designs

An essential safety item for families with young children. Kid Bands are single-use disposable wristbands that are adjustable, water resistant and tear proof. Perfect to use at the pool, amusement park, beach, or any place where a child might wander away. A must have for travel!
**Are you from a school or daycare? Lovable Labels can customize these bands with your school colors and logo. Email Lovable Labels for a quote today!

Colors - Available in 6 Colors

The Wristband That Will Speak For Your Child When They Are Unable To Speak For Themselves

Medical Wristbands

Medical Wristbands
 An essential safety item for families with young children, Lovable Labels Medical Wristbands are great for children with medical conditions like allergies, asthma, epilepsy, and diabetes. Medical Vital ID Wristbands are developed to keep important information at hand, whether your child has allergies or gets lost in a crowd. Unlike medical bracelets that have only enough room for approximately 30 characters, there is enough space on Lovable Labels' card inserts to list your child's medical condition, any medications they are taking, two emergency contacts, and other information specific to them. This information is accessible immediately when an emergency arises. Vital information is kept securely inside the wristband's private pocket on a waterproof card, making it easy to obtain in the case of an emergency!
Vital ID Wristbands

Vital ID Wristbands
 The outside of the Medical Wristband features the internationally recognized Medical Emblem and the phrase "Vital ID Inside" so that if an emergency arises, medical personnel will know to look there for important information. The Vital ID Wristbands feature Lovable Labels' adorable Bear and are great for when you are on vacation, at the park or simply out shopping. the contact information is on the inside where it can't be viewed until it is needed. A great tool (especially when you have younger children who can't speak for themselves) if you and your child ever get separated. An absolute must for parents who put safety first! Cool colors and designs such as Camouflage mean your kids will want to wear these! Medical Vital ID Wristbands are waterproof, and safe to wear while playing sports.

**DISCLAIMER** - Lovable Labels Inc. is not responsible for medical treatment received or not received, based upon the reliance of information you have supplied, nor are we responsible for the use or misuse of the contents thereof. By purchasing these Medical/Vital ID wristbands, the buyer is fully aware of teh Lovable Labels Inc. Medical/Vital ID Disclaimer, and hold harmless Lovable Labels Inc., it's owner, employees, vendors and all associated with manufacturing the Medical/Vital ID jewelry.

Medical and Vital ID Replacement Cards: $2.50 - 4 per pack

Waterproof Card contains space for Child's name, 2 emergency contacts, doctor's name, medications and/or allergies and other info. 


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