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Random Wax of Kindness on Review

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 4/21/2014 01:50:00 AM
RAOK! What does it mean?
Those four letters combine to create an action that can have a huge effect on someone's life, a Random Act of Kindness! Random acts of kindness can include everything from holding a door, telling someone how much they mean to you, or even sending them a wax care package. No matter what it is, it can bring such joy to someone, just by doing something kind. 

As a huge advocate of random acts of kindness, I can't begin to tell you the excitement I felt when I found the awe-inspiring wax company, Random Wax of Kindness! From the second I laid eyes on the Random Wax of Kindness website, I became entranced, not only with the beauty of the wax tarts, but with the inspirational combinations that I have now come to know and love. 
What is Random Wax of Kindness?
A homegrown wax company based out of Lafayette, Louisiana, Random Wax of Kindness offers both quality wax products and a personalized experience that sets them apart from the rest! Having a love and respect for wax themselves, this wax company sets strict standards and goals that they far exceed with each order that's placed.What can you expect from Random Wax of Kindness?

- A huge selection of wax products in stock, so you'll always be able to find the scented wax you love.
- Great scented wax with a strong throw! You WILL NOT be disappointed!
- Great prices! They keep their prices low so you can buy more wax for your money.
- Fast Shipping! They not only ship fast, but let you know it's on the way. RWOK hates slow TAT.
- Customer Service at its best! Random Wax of Kindness doesn't treat you like a number, but like a friend or family member, making customer service a top priority!

Random Wax of Kindness Owner, Laurie Robinette!
 Laurie Robinette's deep love of scented wax grew into what we now know as Random Wax of Kindness. It's easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with her wax company, from the beautiful tarts to the one-of-a-kind creative wax scents that she comes up with. Her hard work and dedication to her company is proven through her beautiful website that you'll always find fully stocked to her Random Wax of Kindness Facebook page that she updates daily. She's dedicated to providing a customized experience to every customer and can be found updating her Facebook page with a new wax scent each day. She truly showcases that "Southern Charm" that the south's famous for!g 

My Random Wax of Kindness Order:
Lavender AppleThis wax scent is the perfect scent to melt before bed, during a hot bath, or anytime you need a little aromatherapy in your life. This scent combines lavender, red delicious apple, raspberries, plum, sugar, rosaceous green notes, lilac, pear, eucalyptus, and musk.

Sea Salt & Rice Flower -
Rice flower, citrus peel, cotton blossom, nightblooming jasmine, ozone, gray sea salt, bamboo leaves, vanilla bean, and sheer musk.

Jade - A must-have scent! Florals and fruits combine to create a scent that you just can't get enough of when you combine notes of jasmine, lilies, violets, lavender, rose, pineapple, apple, and green melon.

Amazingly Grace - More like Amazingly Great! 
Notes of Italian bergamot, lemon, citron, neroli, jasmine, orange blossom, rose, musk, and cedar wood combine to create a wax heaven.

Rosewood & Musk - This popular scent goes fast and it's easy to see why when Random Wax of Kindness combines scents like Rosewood, cassis, Otto rose, green olive, cassia bark, cedar, black amber, sandalwood, and musk.

Classic Tarts:

Pizzelle - Indulge your sweet tooth with this delicious scent that combines a traditional Italian waffle cookie with flour, eggs, sugar, butter, and vanilla. 

French Baguette- This scent will have your mouth watering before you even put it in your warmer. The smell of French bread lathered with hot butter will have you running to the bakery so your nose won't be the only thing enjoying this treat. 

Cactus & Sea Salt- This scent was made for me. Living in Buffalo, NY, our winters are unusually long and cold every year. Just last week, we had a day of 70 degrees until it began to snow less than 24 hours later. This scent takes those winter blues away and provides you with a refreshing scent with notes of green cactus, clean ocean air, sea spray, driftwood and sea moss. This uplifting scent is definitely in my top 3 favorite scents. 

Buttermilk Pancakes - I love Sunday breakfasts, but I don't always get to enjoy pancakes! Now, Random Wax of Kindness lets me enjoy the buttery smell of pancakes covered in maple syrup anytime I want with this wax tart. Notes of buttermilk cake, sweet cream butter, maple syrup, and vanilla make this wax scent all worth it. 

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles - Good enough to eat, pumpkin waffles, butter, maple syrup and brown sugar combine to give you delicious Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. A must have for the fall season but perfect year-round!

Chunky Tarts:
Wood Nymph - The perfect scent to bring that magical being in you out. This scent makes you feel like your in an enchanted forest with lavender luxury chunks and an Oud Wood overpour! (Oud Wood combines cedar, rosemary, jasmine, orchid, gala apple, olibanum, black musk, and patchouli).

Cinnamon Latte, ExtraGooey - If you're able to pick this scent up before it sells out, I highly recommend it. This wax scent takes you to Latte Land, a place where all your cinnamon dreams come true. Get ready for a steamy caramel cinnamon latte with fluffy marshmallows floating on top and toasted Marshmallow chunks with Caramel Cinnamon Latte overpour.

What Random Wax of Kindness Offers:

 Classic Wax Tarts: 

 You'll find everything from scalloped wax tarts, bundts, flower-shaped tarts and much more! You can choose from a variety of scents and multi-scented wax and even get palm wax tarts! Plus, you'll find singular and multi-colored wax tarts! Choose from fruit, winter, spring, summer, autumn, naturals, bakery, perfumes, and cologne scents!

Chunky Wax Tarts:
Random Wax of Kindness offers chunky wax tarts that will have you begging for more. Bringing your favorite scents together by combining chunks and overpours. Blue Sugar Milk, Cinnamon Latte:Extra Gooey, Drive Thru Daiquiris, Lavender Mojito, Poboy: Fully Dressed, and Zydeco are just a few of the chunky wax tarts you'll have access to!

Looking for something a bit bigger than the typical wax tart? You'll want to grab some bundts from Random Wax of Kindness. These popular cake-shaped wax melts are close to two-and-a-half times bigger than Random Wax of Kindness's classic tarts! Banana Berry Crush, Pink Lipstick, Wine Connoisseur and Sugar Raspberry Crunch are just a few bundts waiting to be ordered by you!

Chunky Wax Bundts:
If you love Random Acts of Kindness wax bundts then you're going to love the chunky wax bundts. You'll get your favorite scented cake-shaped wax along with chunks and overpours bringing together a variety of unique scents.

Random Sampler:
It only makes sense that Random Wax of Kindness would offer a Random wax sampler! This is a fun way to try out some new wax scents. For just $10, you'll get 12 randomly-chosen classic wax tarts and with over 100 wax scents, it's a great way to try out scents that you normally wouldn't pick. Though it's a random sampler, there is one thing that's guaranteed with each of these wax tarts, you'll fall in love with every one!!!
Staff Favorites
This is a section on the Random Wax of Kindness website where you'll find all of the wax tarts that made the Staff's Favorites list! Whether you're new to wax or a seasoned veteran, you don't want to miss out on some of these great wax scents that have made it on to this prestigious list. 

Wax Warmers
Random Wax of Kindness offers wax warmers, perfect whether you're an experienced wax addict or new to the wax world. You'll find ceramic tart warmers to melt all of your favorite wax tarts or ceramic candle warmers that come with a dish so you can melt both candles and wax tarts! 

Don't forget:- Random Wax of Kindness has also been featured in multiple wax samplers including the Simply Sensational Sampler, Tantalizing Sampler and Out of the Box Sampler. You never know where they'll pop up next. Be sure to stay tuned in to Random Wax of Kindness on Facebook and the Random Wax of Kindness Blog for the latest updates on what sampler they'll be included in, in the future. 

-Be sure to check out the Random Wax of Kindness Blog right on their website for the latest news. You can find anything from what sampler their in to what new scents are coming out to anything that's new and coming up with Random Wax of Kindness!

How to Order from Random Wax of Kindness:

Have you ever purchased from Random Wax of Kindness? What's your favorite scent they offer?


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