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The Lady Sailor Review Part 2: Up Close and Personal With The Lucky Lady Products

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 5/26/2014 10:03:00 PM
In Part 2 of The Lady Sailor Review, I'll be showing you a variety of bath and body products that will turn your beauty regiment and bath time from a daily routine to a must-have beauty party for one! Plus, there's plenty of kids' products that will have your kids giggling in the bath tub! Below, you'll find a few products I reviewed and where to purchase them. Plus, find out where you can find flash sales, giveaways, new products, scents and more below!

The Lady Sailor Products

Navy Brat Bubble Bath
*Scent: Ripened raspberries, sugary cotton candy and the effervescence of crushed ice! (Like a snow cone)
This fun bubble bath will have kids wishing it was summer all year round. Kids will love bath time when they know the tub will be filled with bubbles and the yummy scent of snow cones! Combine Navy Brat bubble bath with fun kids' soaps from The Lady Sailor and 

Sailor's Catch A.K.A. Anchors Aweigh Soap Bar
*Scent: Fresh ozony marine notes blended with sea salt, orange and rose!
A must-have for kids! These adorable 4oz. soap bars come with a surprise inside - Sailor's Catch, a fish! You can choose from a green, orange, purple or blue fish to have put inside. Bath time will no longer be a battle for kids, instead, they'll be racing to use their new soap, so they can get down to their surprise! Plus, both parents and kids will love this fun, kid-friendly scent. Be warned mom and dad, your kids will know if you used their soap......trust me I know. (Why can't I have a prize too?)

Ladybug Love Specialty Soap
*Scent: Raspberries
This adorable ladybug-shaped specialty soap is perfect for both adults and kids! The Lady Sailor may have taken the look of a ladybug into account when creating this soap, but certainly not it's size! You'll receive a generous 6oz. of specialty soap in the scent of your choice and you won't be disappointed. I absolutely love the mouth-watering raspberry scent that this soap exudes and it's a scent that kids love too. The cute shape makes bath time fun for the kids and with 6oz., it won't be disappearing anytime soon!

Ladybug Sweets Sugar Scrub Cubes
*Scent: Raspberry Cream Cupcake
These are a must-have, must-have, must-have for bath time! I've always been a fan of sugar scrub, but have never tried it in the form of cubes. Now that I have, I'm a fan for life. Besides being amazing for your skin, the scent was to die for. Raspberry cream cupcake in the bath or shower? One of the many reasons I love The Lady Sailor is they let you take dessert in the shower!!!! Mixed with a little water, these sugar scrub cubes break apart and exfoliate your skin, leaving it shockingly smooth and deliciously scented. Plus, I love that just one cube can exfoliate your entire body! These single use sugar scrub cubes are perfect for home or on-the-go. A must-have for great smelling and soft skin.

Clear Day For Sailing Bath SaltsScent: Tuscan melons paired w/ apricot & a hint of honey, combined with orange spice notes, fir & pine notes, and an earthy smokiness from the fireplace. Plus, chamomile buds come right in the salts!

The chamomile buds alone, that come mixed in with these bath salts is enough to make me want to have these in every single bath I take, and that's besides all the other benefits you get with these.These bath salts awaken your senses and bring a hot bath to a whole new level with an aroma that begs to be used. The thought process gone into every scent choice to make Clear Day for Sailing shows the second you take the top off of the container. You'll receive an 8oz. container filled with the perfect end to a long day!

Skye Line Products:
The most popular and discontinued Bath & Body Works Scents

Black Amethyst Lotion Bars
*Scent: Aquatic top notes with Italian bergamot, rare camellias, and lime, followed by notes of sandalwood and vetiver.
The Lady Sailor nailed it with both the scent and the product when it comes to lotion bars. I'm someone who uses lotion multiple times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so when I saw these were in the package that arrived I was very excited. This was my first time using a lotion bar so I didn't know what to expect, but I was instantly impressed. I could not believe how well they hydrated my hands, arms, legs, etc. and the scent, oh the scent. I only need to use these once a day to keep my hands feeling smooth and hydrated, but the amazing scent has me using them much more than I need to. I would recommend these bars in this exact scent to everyone, whether you've tried lotion bars before or not. 

Pink Chiffon Body Spray
*Scent: Light floral, wild berries blended with sweet vanilla, coconut and hints of sandalwood.
As the must-have scent for the summer, this pink chiffon body spray will have you falling in love with it every time you spray it on. This beautifully scented body spray instantly brightens up your day with it's light feminine and floral scent, and always leaves a smile on your face. It has become my go-to body spray everyday and doesn't have that strong perfume scent that some sprays can offer. 

The Captain's Bar Tab Bath Set
This must-have bath set brings the party to you and makes shower and bath time fun again. Use individually or all together to create a water party that brings your favorite mixed drinks together!

The Champagne Body Spray
*Scent: A vanilla base w/ top notes of lime and orange, with hints of rum! Bubbly & Effervescent!
Forget waiting for a special occasion to bring the bubbly out, celebrate everyday with a few spritzes of this delicious body spray! This is a perfect scent to wear whether it's day or night. This scented body spray is perfect to feel energized and ready to take on the day ahead or get you in the mood to celebrate a well-deserved night out on the town for girl's night! A perfect year-round scent.

The Martini Bath Salts

*Scent:Top notes of tangy lemon zests, orange and carbonation followed by middle notes of spicy bergamot, mint and lavender, sitting on a base note of rosewood.

A little goes a long way! These delicious drink-scented bath salts a perfect end to a long day. Taking the cap off the container, I filled it about half way and in less than a minute, had a hot bath that not only smelled delicious, but felt amazing. You'll feel ultimate relaxation and will be left with great smelling skin. A perfect stress reliever, these martini bath salts are a must-have if you love aromatherapy products.

The Cocktail Bubble Bath
*Scent: Top notes of juicy orange, lemon and maraschino cherries, followed by tangy pineapple, acai berry, and sea spray, with base notes of sweet coconut, vanilla rum, and fresh ozonic notes.
Who doesn't love a good old fashioned bubble bath? The Lady Sailor combines our love of  bubbles, and cocktails to make a delicious-scented bath, bubble-flowing bath that's just too good to ignore. Forget that boring old bubble bath that you find at stores and take bath time up a notch with a bubble formula for the modern day woman. Keep the bubbles flowing and the fun time going with The Cocktail Bubble Bath from The Lady Sailor!

The Mojito Soap
*Scent: Strong top notes of juicy lime and sugar, balanced with mint leaves and rum!
Put a fresh spin on shower and bath time with mojito-flavored specialty soap from The Lady Sailor. This popular drink-scented soap is a fresh and fun and nothing like those plain old soaps you're used to. It awakens your senses and leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and energized. This is a must-have scent for the summer and is a perfect way to start and end your day. 

The Margarita Bath Oil
*Scent: Fresh peaches combined with sparkling notes of lime, lemon and orange rinds and a hint of salt.
The ultimate way to moisturize and nourish your skin, The Lady Sailor's The Margarita Bath Oil is one drink my skin just have to have when I'm taking a hot bath. The delicious citrus scents add a burst of energy not only to the bath, but to your skin as well. Your skin will feel amazingly soft and silky. This is one margarita, you'll want to order over and over again....for bath time of course!

Where to Find The Lady Sailor

The Lady Sailor Website
Visit The Lady Sailor for all your bath and body products. You'll find an entire page dedicated to the most delicious scents, video testimonials, and more. Plus, learn more about The Lady Sailor and contact them for any questions you have. 

The Lady Sailor Facebook Group
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