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Improve The Performance Of Your Website With OptimizeMySite

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 10/14/2015 12:54:00 PM
Since starting this blog, I’ve never really given out personal information. Sure there’s a few posts on family recipes with photos of my kids helping, but when it comes to my background, I’ve never given out too much. Right now, I won’t get into what company I work for, but I will share what I do for a living – SEO.

I’ve been involved in Search Engine Optimization for 8 years. Whenever I have to tell someone what I do, they usually have a puzzled look on their face. Let me explain it in the easiest way I know how. When you do a search on Google, let’s say for “birthday cakes in Dallas, Texas,” my job/goal is to get websites to that first page of google. There’s so many different things that go into SEO.

Why have I decided to share what I do now? For a few reasons. I randomly found a program, while doing some searches at work and have completely fallen in love with it and want to share it with everyone. Also, there’s people that feel they couldn’t begin to tackle SEO because there’s too much information to learn and this program can help anyone.

OptimizeMySite is a free website analysis tool that is perfect whether you've got years of SEO experience, or just want to make some improvements on your website. 

How It Works:

Just enter the url for the page you'd like to audit.

Enter the keyword that the page focuses on

Run Your Report (It Doesn't Take Long)

Review Your Report!

Once you receive your report, the fun starts. OptimizeMySite shows you categories where you're excelling and where you need more work. Categories include web page address, page scores, title tag, description tag, heading tags, copy analysis, image analysis, social and mobile analysis, code, page size, page link and domain analysis. Inside each of these categories, you'll find the areas you need to improve. 

OptimizeMySite also gives you your rankings, and shows you how to improve your score with plenty of help, faqs, and more. Whether you're you're experienced in SEO or just looking to increase you're visibility in the search engines for your new website/blog that you've set up, OptimizeMySite is one tool you'll want to use. 

Visit OptimizeMySite at http://optimizemysite.com/
Find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/optimizemysite

Have you tried OptimizeMySite? What are your favorite features?


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