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The Pasta Shoppe Review + Giveaway

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 10/23/2013 12:56:00 AM
By: Jessica Keeton

In my home, attendance is mandatory for family dinners as they are non-negotiable and necessary if requests like sleep-overs, ice cream sundaes and video game time are to be granted. Having dinner together gives us time to talk about our school and work days, upcoming plans and more importantly, quality time as a family.

Just as important as spending time together at the dinner table is: What’s Being Served at the Dinner Table. I have been blessed with both a child who loves to eat everything, including her vegetables and a child who’s very specific about what she eats, usually opting for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
One thing our family can all agree on though is our love of pasta. No matter what style of pasta, no matter what type of sauce, the one thing we’re never left with on pasta night are leftovers.

Family run and home-based in Nashville, Tennessee, The Pasta Shoppe makes “Pasta Night” fun again with over 250 fun pasta shapes, petite pasta nests, soups, chilies, salads, mac ‘n cheese and more. This family-friendly company doesn’t believe in mass production, instead they create small batches of quality pasta in their plant that’s similar to the “boutique” manufacturing plants found in Italy.

 They work with only the finest ingredients available including 100% durum semolina flour
and all-natural vegetable powders.With the world’s largest selection of unique pasta shapes, The Pasta Shoppe helps your family create fun, healthy and affordable meals with fun shaped pasta.

Pasta Shoppe allowed me to try some of their great pastas, letting me choose what was best for my family. 
Above:The Pasta Shoppe's Zoo Animals Pasta, Halloween Pasta, Tailgate & Celebrate Pasta,
Cheerleading Pasta, Down On The Farm Mac 'N Cheese, Chicken Noodle Soup.

We decided to try the 
Down On The Farm Mac 'n Cheese Cheesy Pasta first. 
I followed the directions on the package and what we ended up with was the best macaroni and cheese we have ever tried. This package fed a family of four and had enough left over for lunch the next day. The kids loved this and had two helpings and I loved that I knew the pasta was fresh, healthy and fun. What was great was where most brands turn to mush, all the farm animals kept their shape, keeping us entertained at the dinner table longer than usual, picking out all the animals.

I also loved that while I was cooking, the kids could stay entertained. The Pasta Shoppe provides coloring material on the packaging when you open it. This is what makes The Pasta Shoppe a family-friendly company, thinking about who their products are for and what they can do to make the experience of pasta fun.

Not only are we a pasta family, we're a football family too, making Sunday the perfect day to try out the Tailgate and Celebrate Pasta and Cheerleading Pasta. 

Cheerleading Pasta Before
Tailgate and Celebrate Pasta Before

We decided to use a Alfredo sauce for the Cheerleading pasta and a tasty tomato and basil sauce for the Tailgate and Celebrate Pasta. Both pastas turned out great. The noodles took just a short six minutes to cook and whether you use red sauce, white sauce or no sauce at all, one thing always comes out perfect, the noodles. You can taste the quality and freshness in every batch and unlike most pasta shapes, they don't turn out to just be a bowl of mush. Instead, they hold their shape extremely well, whether they're freshly cooked or used as leftovers.
Tailgate and Celebrate Pasta After

Cheerleading Pasta After

Front of pasta label
Back of label -Recipes

In the mood for something spooky? Our family loved the Halloween pasta shapes from The Pasta Shoppe.
We made it extra fun by wearing our costumes and eating the yummy pasta, picking out the spiderweb and ghost noodles.

Fall is not only the season for cooler weather, pumpkin carving and colorful leaves, but it's also the time of year when we see how tough our immune system really is. Does the flu, strep throat or common cold got you down? Pick yourself back up with a bowl of chicken noodle soup from The Pasta Shoppe.

With just the right amount of seasonings, this chicken noodle soup will have you feeling better in no time.

Besides, who can resist these fun chicken pasta shapes?

After trying many of The Pasta Shoppe's shaped pasta varieties, taking a trip to the store to buy pasta is no longer an option. With the holidays coming up, there's no better time than now to stock up on The Pasta Shoppe's festive-themed pasta shapes.

Here are few of the fun pasta shapes that The Pasta Shoppe offers!

14oz. family-sized pasta bags with colorful designs and yummy recipes make family entertaining fun. With each pasta bag, you’ll receive a wonderful recipe, developed to make cooking with shaped pasta easy and delicious. Whether it’s sports teams, hobbies, animals or holidays, The Pasta Shoppe has you covered, turning fun pasta shapes into every day, fun and easy meals.

Favorite Chili

Make sure to check out The Pasta Shoppe's Website for even more great varieties of fun pasta!!!

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Need new uniforms? Need to raise money for school? Camp?
Are you tired of going door to door and hearing the word no?

Why not try something new? Instead of running the typical fundraisers that have you selling candy bars, cookies, and even overpriced wrapping paper, you now have the opportunity to raise money for a fundraiser that will actually work.

Fun Pasta Fundraising is all about creative entertaining with family & friends.

Fun Pasta Fundraising makes it easy with their yummy pastas. Using a colorful brochure and online link, orders will be flying in from family, friends, neighbors and even your out of town relatives.

With healthy and affordable pasta, Fun Pasta Fundraising makes it easy to not only sell, but exceed your fundraising goal. Who doesn't like a little competition? Fundraising participants will have the opportunity to enter contests and sweepstakes, turning fundraising into a friendly competition.

With over 100 different fundraising products, you'll never hear the word no again. Looking for fundraising ideas that are fun, simple, and profitable? Then look no further than Fun Pasta Fundraising. Watch the video below for more info. 

Want more information on how you can run your own Fun Pasta Fundraiser?
Learn how you can get involved by visiting Fun Pasta Fundraising's Request Info page. You'll receive a sample brochure in the mail and have access to a summary of the program and faqs online.

You requested info, Now What? Check out Fun Pasta Fundraising's video below on what's next after you request info.

“Have Fun, Eat Pasta, Raise Money!"

For more information, product information, support materials, frequently asked questions and more, visit  Fun Pasta Fundraising!

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Now for The Pasta Shoppe Giveaway!!!

 One lucky reader will receive a pasta prize box filled with an assortment of The Pasta Shoppe's seasonal pasta! ($30 retail value)
Don't miss out on this great giveaway. 

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