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Liquid Chalkers Chalk Markers Review + Giveaway

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 11/11/2013 10:20:00 AM
By: Jessica Keeton

When summer ends, it's my responsibility as a parent, to hide every piece of chalk I can find, in order to prevent endless debates. Trying to explain why you can't go outside and draw on the sidewalk in the middle of December to a three year old, is a battle you just won't win. After attempting to ease my daughter's sidewalk chalk withdrawl with an art easel, we ended up with a multi-colored carpet and a very expensive carpet washer.

Liquid Chalkers from Paper & Twine, are not only mess-free and fun, but they'll bring out the creativity of everyone in the family. Liquid Chalkers can be used year-round and there's no age requirements, so you can bring out your artistic side whether you're 3 or 83.

Liquid Chalkers come in a pack of eight vibrant colors including green, purple, red, orange, pink, yellow and blue. Each chalker has a 6mm Chisel Tip and has a marker body that's perfect for those little hands. Liquid Chalkers also come in 4 packs with your choice of either colors or white or you can purchase individual white chalkers.
Liquid Chalkers are designed for use on non-porous surfaces and are perfect for mirrors, chalkboards, windshields, whiteboards, glass windows, art projects, ceramics and more. While using these, I made sure to test out a small section and had success with every surface I used.

Liquid Chalkers are so easy to use and perfect for any family with kids. You just shake the Liquid Chalker, then press down on the tip until the ink flows through. That's it. When it comes to projects, the possibilities are endless.

Ideas For Kids: You don't have to spend a lot of money on supplies. In fact, you probably have all these surfaces in your home. I purchased two small mirrors at the dollar store. $2.00 was all it took for endless days of fun for my kids. Just to be on the safe side, I placed a tablecloth down, along with the mirrors and Liquid Chalkers. I let my kids do the shaking and away they went.

Easy Cleanup: Cleanup is so simple, you're kids won't mind doing it. Use a tissue, baby wipe, wet cloth or sponge and just wipe away.

Liquid Chalkers are perfect for:
Daily, weekly and monthly reminders. Have a dentist appointment, job interview, or after school activity you just can't forget? Write it on a mirror or whiteboard!

Forget lipstick! Don't waste your expensive makeup writing love notes on the bathroom mirror. Show your significant other how much you love them with Liquid Chalkers. Whether it's a love note, date night or cute message for daddy, Liquid Chalkers make it easy for you to show your love without wasting the lipstick you love.

With the holidays coming up, Liquid Chalkers are perfect for writing cute notes on the bathroom mirror.

Write a cute Thanksgiving Day message or let your kids know Santa stopped by. 

Working late? Is the babysitter in charge? Let your kids know that you're watching even when you're not there. 

Having an all girls night? Why not throw a craft party!!! Decide on a piece you'll create and craft away with colorful liquid chalkers. These candle jars can be purchased for $2.00 at your local craft store.

Use stencils, painter's tape, or let your creativity run wild to create a fun art piece that you can show off in your home. 

Teachers can set their classrooms apart, throwing away the broken chalk pieces for fun and colorful chalkers. Liquid Chalkers will have students begging to volunteer, just to have the chance to write on the chalkboard. There's no comparing traditional chalk to Liquid Chalkers. See for yourself.

Paper & Twine offers a 365 day happiness guarantee! Liquid Chalker tips won't dry out or crack and their hyper pigmentation ensures that you'll get bright, beautiful colors every time you use them. Unlike regular chalk and other chalk markers, you won't have to deal with dust, smarking or ink running down your surface when you write, so there's no mess!

For a limited time, you'll receive a short guide via email from Liquid Chalkers creator, Louise Fox showing you how she uses liquid chalkers around her house, informational tips and fun ideas on how to bring out the most creativity in your family.

Want to read from others who have tried Liquid Chalkers? Need more proof at just how much fun these can be? Check out Liquid Chalkers on Amazon, for the latest reviews. While waiting for my chalkers to arrive in the mail, I made sure to read some of the reviews and you'll get honest comments from others who have had the chance to try these. Don't be surprised though if you can't find any negatives on these fun creativity tools, you'll hear everything from how much fun they are to just how fast they arrive in the mail.

For more information and to purchase Liquid Chalkers, visit Paper & Twine's website www.liquidchalkers.com. You'll find product information, why you should buy liquid chalkers, what others are saying, directions on how to use, helpful tips, great prices and all of their great products.

Visit Liquid Chalkers on Facebook, TwitterGoogle +, and Amazon for the most up-to-date information on Liquid Chalkers.

Louise Fox and Paper & Twine want to share their love of creativity and fun with you by giving you a chance to win an 8-Pack of Artist Quality Color Liquid Chalk Markers. Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win! To maximize your chances of winning, be sure to complete all entries.


  1. i would love to have those colorful liquid chalkers so cute >o<

  2. I learned that liquid chalkers are more efficient than regular chalk



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