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Winter Fun With Flipeez (Review And Video)

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 12/06/2013 05:11:00 PM
As parents, we've come to accept that getting our kids dressed and to school in the morning is a full time job in itself, but now that winter's here, you can expect to be working overtime.Whether we're bribing our preschoolers with a trip to the toy store or attempting to convince our teenagers that their hair will look fine, getting our kids to wear their hats, gloves and scarves can be a daily struggle.

Mornings now, have turned from frustration into fun with the help of Flipeez! Dressing my 3 and 5 year old for the cold, wintry weather that Buffalo, NY brings is now quick and easy, two words parents usually never hear with kids of those age.

Flipeez provides endless entertainment for both kids and adults! Prepare to be stopped everywhere you go, whether it be the grocery store, the post office, or the gas station, you'll find complete strangers walking up to you wanting to see your child's Flipeez hat in action.
Plus there's an extra bonus for parents! Putting your child on the school bus with their Flipeez hat will not only provide entertainment for the other kids, making for a much quieter drive, but you may find the bus waiting for you on the days you're running late, now that your in good with the bus driver.
Flipeez hats can be purchased at most retail stores including Walmart - Toys R Us - Bed Bath & Beyond - Kmart - Walgreens - Target and more! Beat the long lines and the cold weather, and order your Flipeez hat online from Idea Village, giving you four great options including Twitchy Kitty, Huggy Monkey, Playful Puppy and Peekaboo Monster.
So next time you're out Christmas shopping, grab a fun Flipeez animal action hat, because while you know it's to keep them bundled up in the cold weather, they'll only know it's fun, fun, fun!
More Info About Flipeez!!!
Flipeez are the fun, fanciful, animal action-hats that let kids of all ages "flip their lid!" From the makers of Stompeez, the 2012 pop-when-you-walk slipper sensation that sold 4 million units in 6 months, Flipeez are destined to become this season's next BIG thing!
Available in 4 precocious and colorful styles - Kitty, Monster, Monkey, and Puppy - each has its own distinct "action." Arms open or tails wag with a simple squeeze of the puff-ball in the tassel.

Flipeez boast a super soft inner fleece lining and knit outer hat that allows one-size-fits-all flexibility. Whether you are 4 or 104, this functional fashion accessory is guaranteed to bring lots of smiles to everyone!
Find out what Flipeez is all about! Vist Flipeez on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tumbler!

Want to see the Flipeez animal hat in action? Here's your chance!

Which Flipeez animal hat character will you purchase for your child this winter? 


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