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Christmas Snactivities With Pop Chef (Review and Video)

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 12/07/2013 03:38:00 PM
This Christmas, instead of over-spending on snacks,  fruit, vegetable or cheese platters, create your own and leave a lasting impression on your family and friends.With the Christmas shopping season in full swing, there's one thing everyone should have on their list, Pop Chef.
pop chef
Part of the fun of Christmas is being together with family and friends and there's no better way to spend time together than in the kitchen. With Pop Chef's fun shapes and fun recipes, you may just have more fun popping out treats than popping out presents.

Pop Chef lets you create mouth-watering masterpieces with any type of food you can imagine including, fruit including fruit bouquets, fruit platters, and lollipops, layered fruit, vegetables including stuffed peppers, vegetable platters, dip platters, cheese, cheese and cracker snacks, pizza toppings, simple appetizers, finger sandwiches, cookies, festive holiday gingerbread bells, dessert decorations (including cakes and cupcakes), healthy snacks, party treats and much more. Plus, Pop Chef can cut through thin and thick foods!

With simple instructions, anyone can use Pop Chef which makes it perfect for holidays, special occasions, sleepovers, birthday parties, or just a Friday night. Make your kids feel like the cooks of the family by letting them create a healthy after school snack or invite the ladies over to create chocolate covered strawberries for the ultimate girls night out! Pop Chef is perfect for your Christmas cookie parties, designing fun-shaped festive cookies and toppings, your kitchen will be the place to be for some festive holiday fun.

What is Pop Chef?

Pop Chef
is the new, fast and easy way to make fabulous edible creations! The secret is its 3-in-one action - which shapes, pops, and creates stars, circles, hearts, and more without the mess or hassle of knives or cookie cutters. with Pop Chef, you can design eye-popping snacks, party platters, meals, even gifts like a pro! It's a snack-tivity that's even safe for kids to use.

What foods can you use Pop Chef on?
Perfect for use on fruits, cheese, vegetables, breads, and more, Pop Chef lets you "push" and "pop" your way through show-stopping food preparations in seconds. 

What can I expect in my Pop Chef kit?
When you purchase Pop Chef, you'll receive a 10 piece kit including (1) 3-piece Pop Chef tool, (1) pack of skewers, (1) Instruction/Recipe guide and an informational "For Best Results"guide, and 6 fun shapes including a heart shape, sun shape, flower shape, star shape, butterfly shape and circle shape.

How much does Pop Chef cost?
Making your favorite foods is quick and easy and will leave you with something that many of us have little of around this time, money. In the season of giving, Pop Chef not only gives you beautiful displays of your favorite foods, but also gives you everything you'll need to create your edible masterpieces at a great price. The 10 piece Pop Chef set is available for $10.99 at fine retailers everywhere including Walmart, Toys R Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walgreens, Dollar General, JCPenny, Sears and many more.

Want to see what else Pop Chef can do? Visit Pop Chef on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or check out Pop Chef's website!


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