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LuxLock 14kt Gold Earring Clutch System Review

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 2/10/2014 12:40:00 AM

LuxLock Earring Clutch System

Over the years, I've grown a steady collection of jewelry, from rings to necklaces and bracelets to earrings. Whether it's my kids wanting to play dress-up or an earring that becomes loose when you're on the run, one thing that never seems to make it back into my jewelry box are the backs of my earrings.
Just a few of my day-to-day, night out & holiday favorites!

This can be especially upsetting when it's a pair of earrings that have been handed down from a grandparent, a gift, or even just a "mommy finally bought something for herself" purchase. Thanks to the LuxLock earring back system, I no longer worry I'll lose the jewelry pieces that mean so much to me.

LuxLock Earring Backs

What is LuxLock?
luxlock earring replacement backs
luxlock 14kt gold earring clutch

The LuxLuck is the new standard for quality and security of earring backs. A strong stainless steel mechanism within a stunning and easy-to-handle 14kt gold clutch, easily slides into place and securely grips your earrings. It balances and centers the earring on your ear for a beautiful presentation. The LuxLock is the only luxury earring clutch available today that combines strength, style, and effortless simplicity.

Why I Love LuxLock?

Quick & Simple: Most earring backs I own just slide into place, leaving me to constantly check that they're still there throughout the day. The LuxLock system allows me to hear my earrings click into a secure position so I know no matter what I'm doing, my earrings aren't going anywhere. Being a mom, I need as many products as I can find that are quick and simple with my on-the-go lifestyle and LuxLock is one of those products. LuxLock's earring clutch is so easy to use! After I hear two clicks, I know my earrings are secure and I can go on with the rest of my day.
jewelry clutches
Heading to work?
luxlock earring clutches in 14kt gold
LuxLock works on stud earrings!

Comfort & Beauty:
With normal earring backs, I get worried, they'll become loose so I end up pushing them tight, right up against my ear. This leaves me taking them out halfway through the day because it can be both painful and uncomfortable. The LuxLock 14kt gold earring clutch system turns your earrings into a comfortable fit. You can't even tell they're there. Plus, who doesn't love 14kt Gold?
14kt gold earring backs

Security & Peace of Mind: Finally the perfect earring back has come along to help you feel safe that the jewelry you love will stay in place. LuxLock knows no matter what the history is behind your jewelry pieces, Whether handed down from generation to generation or just purchased at the store, LuxLock knows your jewelry is important to you. That's why you can expect both peace of mind and security when your purchase LuxLock earring backs.
earring backs for long earrings
Night Out on the Town
long earring backs
LuxLock works on long earrings too!

Protect the jewelry that's most important to you with the security that LuxLock earring clutches can provide! Get your 14kt Gold replacement earring backs today (earrings not included in purchase)! Find out how you can get free shipping when you purchase the LuxLock Clutch from ebay!
earring post luxlock clutch
Earring, post and Luxlock Clutch 

Visit Dama, Inc.'s website for more on LuxLock earring backs!
Stay up-to-date with the latest deals, photos, and updates on the LuxLock Facebook page.

Why do you want to try the LuxLock Clutch System? 

*Disclosure* Dama, Inc. provided me with a sample of the LuxLock Earring Clutch System in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own. 


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