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Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles And Wax Review

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 3/17/2014 11:27:00 PM

Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles

That feeling you get when you've found "The One" usually refers to the man or woman you plan on marrying and spending the rest of your life with, but for some of us, it's the wax company you just can't live without.

Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles is that wax company you wish you could selfishly keep to yourself, getting all of the latest wax products before anyone else, getting the best deals and winning all the giveaways so no one else could. But you can't keep Aunt Smellman's to yourself. It's just too hard. The wax is just too good. Too unique. When that wax package you've been so patiently waiting for arrives at your door, you want to shout it from the rooftops, telling everyone you know, from your friends and family to the random person behind you in line at the grocery store.

There's so many wax and candle companies out there today so what makes Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles different? Well to start, the personalized service. I thought long and hard, the best way to put into words the service I received.Sure I could say it was good or great but those words just didn't describe what I was really trying to say. I guess the best way to describe Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles' owner, Sabrina Tuten, is to tell you she's like that really cool older sister that you never had.(And if you did have that cool older sister, Aunt Smellman is even cooler) What do I mean by this? Well she doesn't talk to you like you're just another wax order, instead you're treated like the only wax friend in the world that matters to her. You notice it when you talk to her, whether it be through email, a question sent through her website, or a comment made on her Facebook. Your customer service experience alone will have you coming back and ordering more wax. 

So what does Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles offer? Wax products you won't find at most companies. Aunt Smellman offers all those wax products you've already come to know and love like wax clam shells, wax tarts, wax scent shots, and wax loaves, plus offers those wax products you've never tried like spoon wax, wax pot pies, and wax 3 ways.

***Aunt Smellman's offers 210+ wax scents!!!!! Whether you're new to the wax world or a seasoned veteran, you're guaranteed to find wax that's new at Aunt Smellman's shop! Plus, Aunt Smellman breaks scents down so they're easy to find!. You'll be provided with a scent list, showing you every wax scent she offers in alphabetical order and with descriptions.

Need a bit of help choosing your scent? Not a problem! Aunt Smellman helps you choose the perfect scent for each room in your home. Here are some of Aunt Smellman's wax suggestions:

Bathroom & Bedroom: Clean and Fresh Scent Collection
Bedroom and Main Living Area: Destination Scent Collection
Bathroom, Bedrooms, and Main Living Areas: Spa Scent Collections
*Aunt Smellman also offers Seasonal Scents - Check out the Seasonal Scents for March!

My Experience with Aunt Smellman:

Everything I tried from Aunt Smellman went above and beyond impressing me. The cold scent was extremely strong (but in a good way), leading me to wonder just how much better this wax could get once it was placed in my wax warmer. One of my favorite parts about Aunt Smellman's wax is the unique name she gives each and every scent. Sure you've got your typical scents that everyone falls in love with, but Aunt Smellman's scent names go above and beyond what most wax companies would ever think of. It just proves how creative Aunt Smellman owner, Sabrina truly is. I also fell head over heels in love with each scent. They were just as impressive when melted as they were when I took my first sniff of them right out of the box. There's so many scents I still want to try. There's so many products I still want to try. The wax 3 ways, wax pot pies, the 200 other scents I still have yet to experience. I don't know where to begin. Well I guess an order placed at Aunt Smellmans would be a great start!

2oz. Super-Scented Para-Soy Wax Shots:
-Cranberry Sauce
-Beverly Hills
-Midnight Pomegranate
-Stargazer Lily
-Pink Pantaloons
-Sea Salt and Lotus

Tarts and Samples:
Twilight Woods
Pixie Wings
Peach Cotton Candy
Beach Daisies
Malibu Heatwave
Cashmere Sweater
Strawberry Nervana

So how do you order from Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles?

Get all the wax your little heart desires right on Aunt Smellman's website! You'll find that everything is very easy to find! Whether you're looking for wax clam shells, wax tarts, wax loaves, scent shots, wax 3 ways or wax pot pies, you'll find it all in one place, at Aunt Smellmans! Plus don't forget, you'll have access to 210+ yummy and unique scents with descriptions and newbies to the wax world can find the perfect scents for their home through Aunt Smellman's scent collections! Shipping info, questions/comments and access to Aunt Smellman's Facebook page can also be found right on her website. So what are you waiting for? Go get your wax on at Aunt Smellmans Today!

aunt smellman's super scented candles website
Click on the picture above to be taken to Aunt Smellman's website!

Find Aunt Smellman on Facebook! Get the latest updates on all of Aunt Smellman's wax products, sales, shipping deals, new wax scents, photos, and giveaways by heading over to Facebook!

aunt smellman on facebook
Click on the picture above to be taken to Aunt Smellman's Facebook Page!

Find out more about the wax tarts, scent shots, and samples I received from aunt Smellman, plus find out great information on her website and Facebook page by checking out my Aunt Smellman's Super Scented Candles review on Youtube!

What scents are you most excited to try? What Aunt Smellmans wax products are you to you?


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