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March Means Candles, Wax, Bath Bombs, Soap, Jewelry Toys and Meals At The Dish on Parenting

Posted by Jessica belmonte at 3/02/2014 10:47:00 PM
I started The Dish on Parenting so I could share only the best products with you, from the companies you love and the companies you have yet to learn about. Since starting this blog, I've had the pleasure of working with great companies from Purex to Lovable Labels, Ozeri to The Pasta Shoppe, Dial to  and so much more.

Along the way, I've had the opportunity, whether it be through reviews, giveaways, or just sharing a fun and easy, family-friendly meal, to meet so many great people who I've come to know as my both my fans and bloggers who I admire.

To be honest, I thought blogging would be a cinch. Sure I have 2 kids, ages 3 and 5, a full time job, and was preparing to get married in a few months, but how much time would it really take to write a quick blog post? Just write about the products I thought people would like. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Blogging takes time, patience, and a ton of hard work.

Over time, I've learned what works and what doesn't. The most important lesson I've learned since starting The Dish on Parenting was to listen to my fans. What do they want to know more about? What are their interests? What did they like/dislike about my previous reviews? My fans, friends and family have helped me become the blogger I am today.

I wanted to do more. Give back more. Not just write about what I thought of the latest product from the companies my fans already knew about. My New Year's resolution was to pay it forward to one person a week for a year, but I wanted to go beyond that. I wanted to help both my fans and companies.

After talking with hundreds of fans, using every outlet I had, from my blog to the countless number of social media platforms I use, I learned of their interests and what they wanted to hear more about. From there, I took their interests and researched day in and day out, using every free moment I had to find the companies that best fit their specific interests.

I've met so many amazing business owners along the way. It's an exciting time for The Dish on Parenting, my fans, and the amazing companies I have the chance to work with. In the month of March alone, The Dish on Parenting will be tackling reviews on categories including Home Decor, Bath and Beauty, Jewelry, Kid's Toys, Kid's Books, yummy Family Friendly Meals including the perfect way to get your kids to love eating their fruits and veggies.

We'll be showcasing many candle businesses. A high number of fans requested more reviews on one of the hottest topics today - wax, tarts, and candles, including jewelry candles all from small businesses. The Dish on Parenting will also be showcasing many bath companies! Along with candles, fans love bath accessories including soap, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, lip scrubs and more. We'll be showcasing many small businesses who excel in this category as well.

We've already got a head start on our first bath company, Honeycat Cosmetics! If you're looking to let the sexy feline in you come out, you'll want to check out Honeycat Cosmetics. They put a fresh, modern, fun and sexy spin on all your bath and body products. Honeycat Cosmetics offers everything from (the "big thing" right now) emollient rich bath bombs, sassy lip balm, delicious edible body powder, body lotions, creams, bath salts, bubble bath, milk bath and so much more. Plus, Honeycat Cosmetics owner Theresa Spruill is so spunky, there's no way you'll ever meet a cooler Cat. Be sure to check out both the Honeycat Cosmetics review and giveaway below! Hurry ends (March 3 @ Midnight)

So stay tuned! March will be filled with the products you love and the companies you're going to fall in love with! Thank you for all your love, support, guidance, and continued friendship along the way.

Jess from The Dish on Parenting


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